My weekly LEO report - W11

This is my weekly LEO report, a weekly habit now :)
I want to do it because it will help to remind me on the target 2000 LEO by end of 2021
And also to understand what I'm doing good or not good then make the adjustment if needed.

Buy LEO with earned CUB

This week, I need to pull out my BNB-CUB and BUSD-CUB farm to switch to V2. So I collected 33CUB and convert them all to 76.38bLEO
At that time, the conversion rate is 2.31 bLEO/CUB, which is higher 13% compared to last week.

Author and Curation LEO rewards

Same as last week, I used my HBD from author reward and converted to LEO.
So I got 16.72LEO in total, including author and curation rewards.
If you do something consistently, then people will know about it :)
And I got the curation from @khaleelkazi for the 1st time last week.

Total LEO

Now, I already staked 978 LEO and continue to do manual curation.
The account value went down because of China FUD the market.
But the FUD will pass soon. Oct will be better :)

Still have 11 weeks to go to achieve the target. I will reach to 1000 LEO power next week and I'm still on track with this progress.

Thanks and nice weekend to all !!!

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