My weekly LEO report - W10

This is my weekly LEO report, a weekly habit now :)
I want to do it because it will help to remind me on the target 2000 LEO by end of 2021
And also to understand what I'm doing good or not good then make the adjustment if needed.
There is 1 new thing that I did in this week - swap SWAP.HIVE to LEO using Tribaldex. I can convert SWAP.HIVE to LEO instantly and got the higher LEO amount, compared to buying LEO in Leodex.

Buy LEO with earned CUB

This week, I got 29.09 CUB from CUB-BNB farming and I converted them all to 60 bLEO.
At that time, the conversion rate is 2.06 bLEO/CUB, no change compared to last week.

Author and Curation LEO rewards

This week, I got 26.97 LEO from the author and curation reward, including the earning from delegation. This is the highest amount that I've ever got in 1 week. It shows that my strategy is going quite well in this part.

Total LEO

Now, I already staked 885 LEO.
It's so sad that the delegation project of @amr008 has come to an end. So I'm doing manual curation recently.
Still have 12 weeks to go to achieve the target. I will reach to 1000 LEO power in next 2 weeks and I'm still on track with this progress. My curation reward value is not a dust anymore :)

Could you please advise me what is another good curation project? So I can delegate part of my LEO.
Is @leovoter are curation project?

Thanks and nice weekend to all !!!

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