#Splinterlands - My Play2Earn journey #7

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Hi all Splinterlands tribes,

2 seasons passed so fast and now is the time for me to update the earning report.
I'm not only a player but also an investor in this game now. And a regular update of my earnings does help me to understand better what goes well and what doesn't.
This report updates the status of seasons 73 and 74, on the old reward system. I'm so excited to see how it's going with the new reward system.

1. DEC earning


What I can see from this chart

  • The average ranked battle reward maintains around ~5 DEC/match.
  • My rental income becomes more stable after season 70. I'm able to get more than 3000 DEC from renting out my cards. It shows I'm still on the right track with the "buy to rent" strategy.
  • As usual, very little DEC earning from daily rewards and season rewards.

2. Staking/Airdrop earning


  • Currently, I get an average of 10 SPS per day from airdrop and staking.
  • Since the VOUCHER was counted in Staking rewards, the VOUCHER drop reward is not correct anymore in @kiokizz report. Hope it will be corrected in the next report. But in general, it does not impact me too much, because I don't have so many VOUCHER 😁

3. Card reward



Same as the previous report, I feel like GF cards are avoiding me. This is the 1st time I did not get any GF card in 2 seasons.

4. Card value


  • My card value increased by $250 compared to the last report. It seems the new reward system has some positive impact on the card's price when players need to buy the starter cards to avoid the penalty of SP/FP.
  • 64 GF cards (138 BCX), increased 7 BCX compared to last report.
  • 307 Regular cards, increased 38 cards and the BCX increased 86, to 1051 BCX
  • 23 Regular Gladius cards, increased 10 BCX to reach 113 BCX and 2 GF Gladius cards (2 BCX)
  • Total BCX increased 93, from 1096 to 1189

5. My next steps

  • With the new rewards system, I see a significant reduction in renting fee. I need to monitor the impact in 1 or 2 seasons then define the next actions
  • Level up my cards to have a higher winning rate.
  • I got higher daily rewards with the new reward system. I shared it in this post. Let see how many chests I can get by end of the current season.

That's all for now and have e nice weekend!!

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