Can we Lose the HIVE Voting Window?

What is it good for.., confusing newbies, advocating apathy by use of auto-voters, I mean… why does it even exist?

It’s gone on the LEO platform and things are thriving on there as far as I can see so why not follow suit and maybe we can have a rising token price instead of a terrible 11c static one?


This is not the reason of course for the almost all-time low price, I personally think the last fork did not do it any good at all.

Not for what it did but for the user experience we all had to tolerate for weeks. Old-timers like me know it's going to fix itself but how about new people?

They will walk away saying, 'that HIVE thing doesn't work'. However, this is not a gripe about the necessities of the last fork. I know it was needed and was creating a base for more exciting things to come.

When I joined (STEEM), the voting window was different, and on a 30-minute timer. Then it was 15 minutes, and now it's 5.

...'@grindle has a hard time picking up how HIVE works, it would be great to explain it simply but due to The Window and The Curve I have a hard time doing so'...

That doesn't make it any better and how the fuck am I supposed to explain how all this timing at 3 or 4 minutes to maximize how your ROI works to someone like @grindle who has just become a Dolphin and asks me, 'so what do I do with my 5k now then?'.

If I could explain to him, your stake size determines your return based on your vote weight (which is still confusing as fuck to non-HIVE people), it would make things a little easier.

The auto-voters? I use them, and I don't intend to be hypocritical about their use. They promote laziness but you have to understand I can't spend 6 hours a day manually reading and curating other’s work.

I do manually curate but I only have so much time. Time to me is the ultimate precious resource. We never get enough of it and I cling on to what little I have with a ferocious passion.


The Curve

The curve has also been made extinct on LEO. I was never a fan of it and would love to see it go the same way as the window.

Would it encourage comment farming and small vote farming again? Yes, I believe that was one of the reasons for bringing it back again.

I miss the days when I could determine my vote on a post whether the current reward was 2c or $3. This is another one that is too complex for newbies to get their heads around.

...'simple isn't it? get your post over $2-$3 and you get even more.. as clear as mud to most'...

Simple is always better, it’s already too complicated to start with.

I have been involved with anti-abuse for over 2 years on HIVE (STEEM), and will be more than happy to contribute my down-vote stake combating abuse if the curve was to go.

Discuss people. Should both the Window and the Curve go? If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then lucky you… just keep on posting.


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