Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866

The Engelhard name has provided the world with outstanding-quality Silver for over a century, thus it is very credible and coveted not only by the novice stacker but also by the experienced stackers and investors.

The Engelhard name is equal and identical with quality. For this reason, they are one most the highly respected private mints in the world.

Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866

The silver bar is American Made.

Name: Engelhard Commercial Bar | MC

Obverse: [Wide ‘E’ Centered in Globe Logo] [1 TROY OZ. FINE SILVER .999+] [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number: PX37866]

Reverse: Hallmark in Elongated Octagon repeated diagonally, three full times, with a border.

MINTAGE: <400,000

Believed to have been produced in 1981. This bar is likely the first portrait variety produced in the United States.

Source: All Englehard

Engelhard accurately stamped their products with weight and purity; this stamping is so precise and not just an approximation or fraud. It provides the buyer confidence that they are getting exactly what they pay for.

Engelhard started in New Jersey in 1902. The company was founded by Charles W Engelhard, Sr..

Prices for Engelhard products are notably higher than items of comparable weights from other manufacturers.

And although Engelhard doesn’t produce the silver bars anymore, demand for these silver bars is increasing as retailers are running out of their Engelhard silver bar stocks.

Sources: Bullion Echanges, JM Bullion, Apmex

As I mentioned in my other post, I shall categorize the silver according to type when I present them to you. The 2022 coins are separate.

These are the pressed silver bar I showed you in 2022:

Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866
MTB Statue of Liberty Silver Bar by JM
Royal Mint Una & the Lion Silver Bar

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