Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PA28937

There are Portrait and Landscape Variaties, Art Bars and Commemorative Varieties of the Engelhard 1 oz Silver Bars.

Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PA28937


Name: Engelhard Commercial Bar

Obverse: [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [1 TROY OZ.] [.999 FINE SILVER] [Serial Number: PA28937]

Reverse: Frosted, with a border.

MINTAGE: <800,000

Produced in 1980. The purity stamp was revised from ‘.999 FINE SILVER’ to ‘.999+FINE SILVER’ and font changes were made [e.g. the ‘S’ in ‘Silver’ was changed from a serif font to sans-serif] and the ‘H’ in Engelhard is slightly wider. Apparently, few survived melting. Note that some have a single letter prefix [‘P’] and some have a space between the prefix and the numbers [e.g. ‘P 59250′]. Occasionally observed in serial placement error as seen on bar PA83079.

Source: All Engelhard

Engelhard 1oz bars as a whole, are the most common and available of all Engelhard sizes produced. There were a total production of limited 4 million units of 1oz Engelhard bars over a span of two decades.

But in comparison to the popular US Silver Eagles, there are more produced of the American Silver Eagles in a single month than the entire Engelhard 1 oz bar production ever. That, in itself, is a compelling argument to pursue 1oz Engelhard silver bars.

Personally, I will try to collect known varieties of Engelhard 1 oz silver bars as I encounter them (at reasonable prices).

Prices for Engelhard 1 oz silver bars are notably higher than silver of from other manufacturers, but the name and reputation make it worth the additional premiums.

Sources: Bullion Exchanges, JM Bullion, Apmex

As I mentioned in my other post, I shall categorize the silver according to type when I present them to you. The 2022 coins are separate.

These are the pressed silver bar I showed you in 2022:

Engelhard Silver Bar PA28937
Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866
MTB Statue of Liberty Silver Bar by JM
Royal Mint Una & the Lion Silver Bar

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