Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar FD32366

Engelhard Silver Bar FD32366

Notice the Engelhard Logo of the Portrait Version above (on the top line). The "E" starts small. Next the same size "E" but with MC in the bottom. Then the "E" is bigger, without the MC.

ID: EI-10V

Name: Engelhard Commercial Bar |MC Absent

Obverse: [Wide β€˜E’ at Top of Globe Logo] [1 TROY OZ FINE SILVER 999+] [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number: FD32366]

Reverse: Hallmark in Elongated Octagon repeated diagonally, three full times, with a border.

MINTAGES: <400,000

Produced in 1981. The series started in the middle of the FB serial numbers. Apparently, many did not survive melting.

Source: All Engelhard

As I mentioned in my other post, I shall categorize the silver according to type when I present them to you.

The 2022 coins are listed separately. The listing of the coins are shown in the bottom of this latest article on coins.

These are the pressed silver bar I showed you in 2022:

Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar FD32366
Scottsdale Mint Archangel Michael 1 oz Silver Bar
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PV76060
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PH28463
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PA28937
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866
MTB Statue of Liberty Silver Bar by JM
Royal Mint Una & the Lion Silver Bar

And these are the silver cast bars I have purchased:

Germania Mint Silver Bar 100 grams
Geiger Silver Bar 100 grams

These are the miscellaneous rounds I've shown so far:

2022 Mint Markers- Birdie
2022 Mint Markers- Eagle
QANON Round- Type II
QANON Round- Type I
2022 The Great Seal, Intaglio Mint
2022 The Sacred Heart, Intaglio Mint
Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round, No1
Intaglio Mint Club #1 Silver Round 2 oz
2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token

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