Sublime & Beautiful Sunday is Pirate Sunday

I ordered the gilded silver bar of Pope John XXIII using my HBD from @stokjockey .
Being Sunday, I thought that I would show it on #piratesunday, a tag which was started by @stokjockey a while back.

It is also my article for #sublimesunday, a tag initiated by @c0ff33a , and #beautifulsunday by @ace108.

I shall not dwell on the silver bar, rather on the other things that came with it. I did not expect it at all, but generous as @stokjockey is, he sent other goodies with my order.

Sealed 2005 US Mint set.

Every year, the US Mint produces uncirculated coin sets that are excellent beginning points for both new coin collectors and those wishing to expand their existing collections. Five Quarters Program coins are among the many treasures included in the United States Mint 2005 Uncirculated Coin Set. These coins are ideal for giving as presents or for collecting because they have never been used in circulation and were struck with a flawless surface.

The Philadelphia Uncirculated Set

The Denver Uncirculated Set


This will surely be challenging. I don't have the slightest idea what the bricks are for. So, I guess I have to figure it out.

All types of Lego pieces make up one big system. Each item continues to be interoperable in some way with existing pieces despite variations in design and purposes over time. Lego sets for young children can be used with those created for teenagers, and Lego bricks from 1958 still fit together with those made today.

Source: Lego

Thank you @stokjockey for the extras and bonus items you have sent along with my order.


All photos were taken by me with my iPhone.

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