South Korea 2 oz Silver Achilles Shield Stacker

The dawn of stackers!

South Korea 2 oz Silver Achilles Shield Stacker

This is the reverse of the round. The backside of the shield of Achilles is incused and allows for several pieces to stack directly on top of another.

Stacker Highlights:

- Comes in a custom capsule.

- 2nd stackable silver shield design.

- Antique polish.

- Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

- Obverse and reverse depict the same visuals, with a domed obverse field.

- Stackable silver bullion.

Source: JM Bullion

The obverse of each one fits snuggly into the reverse of another. The domed obverse and concave reverse of the Achilles Shield design makes this possible.

The Shield of Achilles

In the battle between the great warrior Achilles and Prince Hector of Troy, Achilles' shield is described by Homer as a series of concentric circles starting with the center of the shield and working outward as the land, sea, air and constellations....

followed by cities with people and events including a court case, wedding and military siege followed by a field being plowed, a king's estate being harvested, a vineyard being picked, a herd of straight-horned cattle with a bull being attacked by lions and the herdsman fending it off, a sheep farm, men and women dancing and finally a great storm at sea.

The final design is based upon the artistic interpretation of Angelo Monticelli from Le Costume Ancien ou Moderne in 1820.

Source: Apmex

These are the KOMSCO stackers:

Achilles Shield Stacker
The Shield of St. Michael Stacker
The Doggaebi Shield Stacker

I am loving these three stackers.

Each one is unique.


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