Some of the Most Valuable Collections

True fans and fanatics are prepared to spend excessive sums of money on the things they are most enthusiastic about. In the world of Americana, decades of well-known franchises and enduring brands have culminated in some of the most collectible souvenirs. But which goods are the most valuable?


BIRDS OF AMERICA: Great White Heron

Manufactured By: John James Audubon

Original Price: ~$126

Today’s Value: ~$10.27 Million

Only four copies of James Audubon's four book collection of 435 individually hand-painted watercolor birds were ever made, making the artist's collection extremely uncommon. With the expectation that all future proceeds will be contributed to environmental and conservation projects, which is a purpose Audubon would be pleased of, Carl W. Knoblock Jr. purchased the book in 2018 for $10 million and donated it to his family's foundation.

This is from my favorite box of one-ounce pressed bars (which is actually a re-purposed Apmex box, actually).

National Audubon Society White Heron Silver Bar

One ounce Pure Silver, .999 Fine. A rare endangered species official issue of the National Audubon Society featuring the great white heron.

This vintage silver bar is a depiction of "Great White Heron" of the renowned American wildlife artist John Audubon.

Action Comics No.1 Comic Book

Manufactured By: Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster

Original Price: 10c

Today’s Value: ~$3.2 Million

Action Comics No. 1 was not only the first superhero comic, but also featured Superman's debut, thus if you are familiar with comics in any way, you are aware that it is the most valuable comic book in existence. Although the original 200,000 copies only cost 10 each, they were rapidly sold out and are now worth more than $3 million. An excellent return on investment, that is.

Luka Doncic Rookie Card

Manufactured By: Rookie Card

Original Price: ~$16.99

Today’s Value: ~$4.6 Million

One of the brightest rising players in the NBA is Luka Doncic, and rookie cards for talented professional athletes are always worth a hefty penny. Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James each sold theirs for $1.8 million, but Doncic outperformed them both when one of his went for $4.6 million, which is absurd given his personal net worth of $5 million.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Watch

Manufactured By: Patek Philippe

Original Price: N/A (Created For Auction)

Today’s Value: ~$31.19 million

Given that the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime watch requires 100,000 hours to construct, it may be the most unusual timepiece in the entire world. It had six patented internal advancements, two dials, a reversible case, and twenty other intricacies. One is housed in Philippe's own museum in Switzerland, and there have only ever been seven made in total. The value of this intricate clock easily exceeds tens of millions of dollars, and it would be challenging to persuade someone to sell it in the first place.


First Silver-Copper Dollar

Manufactured By: US Mint

Original Price: ~$1

Today’s Value: ~$10 Million

Here coin has a woman with flowing hair on one side and an eagle on the other, and if you've ever wondered what the first-ever silver dollar looked like, this is it. It is thought to be the original design from the US Mint, and it has distinctive qualities that, according to the rare coin company Legend Numismatics, cannot be imitated by anything, not even in objects from museums. The company also stated that they would have bid more if necessary, but as of right now, there is just one $10 million edition in mint.


1894-S Barber Coin

Manufactured By: U.S. Mint

Original Price: ~$0.10

Today’s Value: ~$1.99 million

One of only 24 dimes ever created, the 1894 S-Barber coin is one of the most unusual US Mint coins ever. Nine are only known to exist today, seven of which are proofs, and the other two are valued at slightly under $2 million each, placing them among the top five most valuable coins in American history.

SOURCE: Most Valuable Collectors Items


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