JM Bullion 1 oz Silver Bar

Dollar Cost Average – Buy silver bullion when you get paid, no matter if the price is up or down. This is paying yourself first and dollar cost averaging. Buy even more on the dips on top of your regular cycle, if you can, but keep the cycle. The key is consistency.

This is what I do! No matter what, I pay myself first.

Silver Towne produces silver bars for JM Bullion, the JM Bullion Silver Bars in particular. Silver Towne is a private mint in Winchester, Indiana that started as a small coin shop in 1949. It is one of the nation's leading private mints.

JM Bullion 1 oz Silver Bar (Reverse Proof-like)

Bar Highlights:

Inside of a sealed sheet.

or in larger sealed sheets of 10 bars!

Reverse Proof-like bars.

A brand-new addition to JM Bullion silver products

Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

Obverse includes the JM Bullion logo inside a circle of stars.

Reverse features the JM name in a repeating pattern.

Source: JM Bullion

I think the frosted background fields of the silver bar with mirrored design elements are pretty cool! It created a visual separation between the surface areas and designs or engravings such that they jump out and catch the eye against the frosted background field.

I am stacking more generic rounds and bars this year: silver hand-poured and cast bars, silver pressed bars, and rounds.

These are the pressed silver bar I showed you in 2022:

JM Bullion 1 oz Silver Bar (Reverse Proof-like)
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar FD32366
Scottsdale Mint Archangel Michael 1 oz Silver Bar
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PV76060
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PH28463
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PA28937
Vintage Engelhard Silver Bar PX37866
MTB Statue of Liberty Silver Bar by JM
Royal Mint Una & the Lion Silver Bar

These are the silver cast bars I have purchased this year:

Scottsdale Cast Poured Bar - 100 grams
Bisbee Silver Cast Bar- 100 grams
Germania Mint Silver Bar 100 grams
Geiger Silver Bar 100 grams

A list of miscellaneous rounds I've shown (so far):

The Four Seasons Silver Bar - "Summer"
Intaglio Mint - Molon Labe
Achilles Shield Stacker
The Four Seasons Silver Bar - "Spring"
MINT CLUB #2 Silver Round – Molon Labe Anniversary
2020 Scottsdale RESERVE 1 oz Silver Round
Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round, No3
2022 Mint Markers® – “DIMPLES”
Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round, No2
2022 Mint Markers® – “LUCKY”
2022 Mint Markers- Birdie
2022 Mint Markers- Eagle
QANON Round- Type II
QANON Round- Type I
2022 The Great Seal, Intaglio Mint
2022 The Sacred Heart, Intaglio Mint
Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round, No1
MINT CLUB #1 Silver Round 2 oz
2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token

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