Hand-poured Silver, part 38

I am a regular stacker with little disposable income for stacking. An average income earner... with ordinary needs and expenses.

I used to live like there was no tomorrow! I spent money on stuff and fluff and spent it like it was from an inexhaustible source.

One day, I came across the YouTube channel of SilverFish. He had one image on the screen, that of an American Silver Eagle. He talked for five minutes, mostly about why it makes sense to stack. Then I found that there were other stackers! There were heavy stackers like Slacker Stacker, Silver Bean Counter, Hiho Silver, and Cull Silver ... and more stackers that stack a little at a time.

That was the day I discovered the Silver Stackers of YouTube. A then small group of stackers who were exchanging their fiat into something with real value... some every month, some when they afford to, and some waiting for a better price point, but all buying silver and gold.

What a concept! Exchange fiat for real money!

* * * * * * * * *

This is a 100g KitKat bar.

It is 3.22 troy ounces of silver.

I could have bought a pair of shoes with it... or a handbag... or a blouse.

Someday, I will need money.

And I could sell these

without having to stress and worry.

Why? Because these things...

they have "intrinsic value".

KitKat Bar, 100 grams, .999FS

Hand-poured by TheBear

😍#ilikeitalot!!! 😍

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All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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