American Prospectors: Winner of 5 Hive & 3 Hive

Last week I had this photo posted and ran a guessing game as to how many silver American Prospector rounds were there.

Those who participated were:

Name Name
@silvertop 20 @dfinney 20
@brittandjosie 21 @ninahaskin 41
@rarej 15 @oks2crypto 15
@melinda010100 19 @kerrislravenhill 15
@vgholdingsllc 18 @saffisara 15
@davedickeyyall 13 @tazi 16
@brian.rrr 26 @jlufer 33
@elizabethbit 16 @kunschj 17
@teenagecrypto 15 @summertooth 15
@pieternijmeijer 16 @johnasu 15
@handofzara 17 @jfang003 30
@qwerrie 17 @justclickindiva 31
@jamerussell 15

In looking at the first photo, it was showing only 15. One of the silver rounds must have been hidden.

The correct answer is 16. There will be two drawings instead of one! One for 3 Hive for those who answered 15, and the grand winner of 5 HIVE for those who answered 16. My contest, my rules, hehehe.

The of 3 HIVE the winner is....
Click the arrow to watch the video.

And the GRAND WINNER of 5 HIVE is....
Click on the arrow to watch the video.

The winners will please claim their prize by making a comment.

Thank you all for participating!

😍 #ilikeitalot!😍

All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

Make it an awesome day!

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Hugs and Kisses πŸ₯°πŸŒΊπŸ€™!!!!


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