2022 St. Helena Silver Queen’s Virtues Truth Coin

2022 St. Helena Silver Queen’s Virtues Truth Coin

2nd issue in the 6-Coin Queens Virtues Series

Coin Highlights:

- Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition.

- Issued a face value of 1 Pound by St. Helena.

- Queen Elizabeth II is depicted on the obverse.

- Truth is featured comforting a small child on the reverse.

Source: JM Bullion

Depicted in the reverse of 2022 1 oz Silver Queens Virtues is Truth. The image features the figure of Truth as she holds a mirror in her right hand while reaching back to comfort a small child with her left hand. The child holds a palm branch.

The Victoria Memorial is a monument to honor Queen Victoria after she passed away in 1901. Located in cental London, it contains several allegorical statues within the design of the monument. Each one of these statues offered a female allegorical figure reflective of the virtues that were ascribed to Queen Victoria during her glorious reign as Queen of England.

Found at the very top of the monument is the statue Victory, which is the first figure featured in this silver Queen's Virtues series. The second issue is Truth.

2021 St Helena's Silver Queen's Virtues: Victory
2022 St. Helena Silver Queen’s Virtues: Truth

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