2022 Rwanda Silver Lunar Ounce Tiger

Have you tried counting your coins and bills?

Have you tried using only bills for spending and not your credit cards.

Have you tried emptying your purse or your pockets every day. Then at end of the month, take it to the bank and put it directly into your savings account (not your checking account)?

Tedious? Watch your savings grow!


These coins, I keep here in safe place with me. These are silver coins.

2022 Rwanda Silver Lunar Ounce Tiger

Coin Highlights:

- Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.

- Fifth release of the Lunar Ounce series.

- Obverse: Features a stylized Tiger in the center of the coin. The inscriptions "Lunar Ounce", “2022”, the Chinese sign for tiger and the purity are listed along the rim.

- Reverse: Displays the official seal of Rwanda and the face value of 50 Francs.

Source: Apmex

For years, the only coin from this country was the Rwanda African Wildlife series. The “African Ounce” was quite popular, and the premiums were, and are, appreciating!

Then in 2017 a new series was released: The Lunar Ounce.

In fact, Rwanda started two series at the same time... the Nautical Ounce, which also started in 2017, and the Lunar Ounce.

2017 Lunar Ounce Rooster was the debut issue in this collection. Then there was the 2018 Lunar Ounce Dog, 2019 Lunar Ounce Pig, 2020 Lunar Ounce Rat, 2021 Lunar Ounce Ox, and the 2022 Lunar Ounce Tiger.

Six more years!

It goes to show how short the time is! I've been at it since 2016. Whew!

Source: JMBullion, Apmex

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