2022 Austria Silver Philharmonic

A bullion is more than merely a compact mass of metal. And bullion can either be government bullion or private bullion.

Many silver and gold stackers prefer government bullion primarily because a country’s government give protections in weight and purity of the metal, which one might not get from private bullion.

Oftentimes, government bullion is made into coins and is commonly of legal tender status. Artwork engraved into coins add to its collectability and sometimes its price.

The Austrian Mint introduced the Philharmonic Silver coins in 2008. The Austrian Silver Philharmonic has a legal tender and first silver coin to have the face value of 1.50 Euro’s. The silver coin contains 1 troy ounce pure (.9999 fineness) silver. It has become one of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins.

The design celebrates the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It is the same designed carried on the platinum and gold versions of the coin.

The obverse side is the image of the pipe organ located within the Musikverein, and on the reverse of the coin are images of various musical instruments: a cello, 4 violins, a flute, a harp, a French horn, and a bassoon.

2022 Austria Silver Philharmonic 1,50 Euro

Source: JM Bullion, Apmex

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2022 Austria Silver Philharmonic
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