2021 Armenian Silver Noah's Ark

Stacking precious metals is a great way to store value and a hedge against inflation.

It is also a fun and enjoyable way to save and grow one's wealth.

Your stacking journey will be most gratifying if you are prepared with a few basic knowledge and understanding of why you want to stack.

Here are some basic DO's of stacking.

  • Do know your budget.

  • Do stick to your budget.

  • Do add to you stack on a regular basis.

  • Do follow a planned list of precious metals to stack.

  • Do compare prices and purchase precious metals only from reputable sellers.

  • Do store your precious metals in a secure location.

    And these are very basic DON'Ts of stacking.

    • DON'T put all your savings in silver. Grow your fiat emergency fund. Diversify your portfolio with gold, real estate, invest on a 401K, pay off debt, and contribute to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

    • DON'T purchase precious metals on impulse.

    • DON'T purchase too quickly and too much, without planning.

    • DON'T use revolving debt to purchase precious metals.

    One of the best and easiest to stack buy government-issued bullion coins. There are several to chose from the United States American Silver Eagle to this one.

    2021 Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin (BU)

    10th anniversary in the Armenian Silver Noahs Ark Series. Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition. The face value of 500 Dram is fully backed by the Armenian government.

    Obverse design elements on the 2021 Armenian Silver Noahs Ark Coins include the national coat of arms for the Republic of Armenia. Adopted after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Armenia's emergence as a fully independent state, the seal is flanked by an eagle and lion with a quartered shield featuring different, historic images of the eagle and lion. At the center of the shield is a small crest with the image of Noah's ark on the peak of Mount Ararat.

    Reverse design visuals on 2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noahs Ark Coins feature Eduard Kurghinyans depiction of Noah's ark. Based on the Biblical tale from the Book of Genesis that spoke of a flood God had sent to cleanse the world of the sins of humanity. In this design, the ark is seen floating on the floodwaters as the sun begins to rise and the rains have ended. In hopes of finding dry land, Noah has sent out a dove that is shown returning with an olive branch in its beak.


    Geiger Edelmetalle

    Geiger is a German refiner of Gold and Silver bullion and is the oldest Silver trading house still operating and its headquarters is the Schloss Güldengossa near Leipzig, which was built in 1720. They are the only private mint in Germany to produce and distribute a sovereign state coin. The Noah's Ark is produced for the Armenian Central Bank.

    Noah's Ark Series

    The Silver Noah's Ark was introduced in 2011 and in 2020 the first Gold coins were offered. The Noah's Ark coins are issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. Production of the coin is subject to the strict requirements of the central bank: the purity of the precious metal, the weight, and the quality of the coinage are checked and guaranteed by the state. The design is deeply rooted in history. According to the Bible, Noah's ark was stranded in the Ararat mountains after the rains. Mount Ararat is the Armenian national symbol, its striking shape is visible from the capital Yerevan and is firmly connected to the cityscape.


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