Pirate Sunday....

Evening everyone.....

It’s been a very busy day taking cars of stuff for mom and trying my best to be ready for an install tomorrow.

The install was suppose to be the second week of October. Fortunate for me the people were willing to work with me. I promised them it would be installed before Thanksgiving.

While I didn’t want to cut it this close. It will be 100% by Tuesday morning. I pulled some strings with the countertop guy.

Typically they come and template after the install for exact measurements. Which would leave them without a granite countertop for roughly five to seven days after I’m done.

There is no wall to wall fit on this kitchen, so I got him to use my measurement template.

I just finished delivering the cabinets about an hour ago. It just started raining as I drove home. It’s suppose to rain all day tomorrow, so I beat the rain at least.

On a different note..... It’s #859D2DC9FC76466E843C70384D011CEA.jpeg10F9F1F06D614B16B4E22B5814D308E5.jpeg

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