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No Loss Lottery Sells 4000 Tickets!


The No Loss Lottery Sold it’s 4000th Ticket!

  • It’s a great milestone because the weekly prizes are bigger and I should be able to give away more prizes! So your chance of winning will be higher!
  • Remember, the odds of winning are much higher then the usual lottery, and there are no Losers because you can always get your ticket price back. Tickets are just one Leo, so even if your a beginner on Hive or Leofinance you can still enter with a chance of a large prize!

A Prize Linked Savings Account

  • The No Loss Lottery is a Prize Linked Savings Account, so it has the thrill of a lottery, and the financial smarts of a Savings Account.
  • Your deposit buys you a chance at winning a monetary prize of 100 Leo, that’s 100 times the price of one ticket!
  • So in that way it’s like a Lottery.
  • But you can always get your Leo deposit back by requesting it.
  • So in that way it’s like a Savings Account.
  • Plus your one ticket buys you a chance at the prize every week!

So Let it ride…

But as long as you leave your Leo deposited you are automatically entered in every weeks drawing.

  • Request a Refund anytime you want!

  • It’s a savings account, so you can get all your money back!

Smart Savings + Fun Lottery = Smart Fun.

The No Loss Lottery!

Enter Now

  • Send 1 Leo per ticket or 1 Hive for 3* tickets to @nolosslottery
  • Buy as many tickets as you wish.
  • All ticket purchases are refundable on Sunday

The No Loss Lottery Accepts Hive!

Read this post for details: click here Or copy this link: /@shortsegments/calling-super-savers-account-called-no-loss-lottery-now-accepts-hive

The No Loss Lottery is a project run by @shortsegments.

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