Cryptocurrency is sparking a revolution in the record industry and other content creation niches.


Revolutionary Changes

Many driven by NFTs.

nonfungible tokens

The representation of art by a token gives the artist more control over their creations.

It allows the artist to sell all of a creation or fractions of a creation to others while keeping majority ownership.

It also allows the artist to receive a portion of resales, by inserting computer code sending a fraction of future resale price to the artist.

It also allows the artist to control the list of its fans.
Control of this list gives the artist big things:

A big stream of income is generated by selling fans t-shirts and other artist specific content.

A mailing list to use for ticket sales to future events.

A mailing list to create real dialogue between the artist and their fans.

A way for artists to give back to their fans, things like tickets, gifts, and even money.

Artist Record Company relationship

I have only touched on the aspect of Crypyocurrency revolutionizing the relationship between artist and fan.

This same process revolutionizes the relationship between artists and record labels or other handlers/promoters of artists.

Now artists are refusing to give up all rights to their music and their very name, as they had to before.

They no longer become owned and controlled by record companies and other handlers / promoters.

Now artists own their work, their name and can hire record companies to perform promotion functions, without surrendering control of their content.


The future is happening now.
It’s all around you.
It’s amazing…. Keep up, find opportunities and profit.

#The-End….for now.

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