My Hive Highlight || Happy Ending 2021

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At first greetings to my all readers and followers, would like to thank the contest organizer @guiltyparties

When I decided to write this blog , there was a question in my mind that appeared many times. I didn't spent my all year long here, just came back after a long time break. But later I thought as I spent a month with and met several awesome curators and communities then why not? So here I come to write my one month with hive highlights.

Its a regret that I came to this awesome platform hive late. But from now I'm going to be active as much I can. Everyday trying to publish a post and studying more about crypto. My 2021 was one the the best year of life. I travelled different city and earned crypto currency that changed my life in a positive way.

If I talk about hive highlights then I must start with LeoFinance where I met cryptomaniacs and they spread crypto knowledges that surely very helpful for we returning users. I appreciate their efforts. They let us know about tokens and their review on coins helps a lot the newbies.

My one month with hive was a great experience that always influence me to be here and keep sharing good work. Hive is a platform where we can express ourselves freely and that is pretty impressive. Curators showed love by supporting me will be always unforgettable and sweet memory. I met awesome authors here and they are really very active and knowledgeable. In 2022 I've goals regarding hive as I'm working on my reputation, serving quality content that curator may keep their kind eyes open to me. I want to have 1k hive power asap though it will depend on support I may going to have.

We all wants to grow up. Some grow up fast or faster and some grow up slowly. Its fine if I grow up gradually, it may takes time but I also expect positive things. is a kind of second home where we can share, curate and earn. In this one month journey I think I'm in love with this platform. Accept my gratitude dear curators @leofinance @theycallmedan @chesatochi @ph1102 @ctime such a big list, thank you so much for giving me reason to be active on hive.

Special thanks to @guiltyparties for this hive highlights concept. I really enjoyed sharing things really worth to share in public.

No more now, will be back with something interesting asap.
Thanks for taking time to read and showing love to me to be an active author on hive.
Take love! 💖


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