More Money Or Decent Amount Of Money?


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For me the answer is little bit different and its sufficient amount of money. But surely having a goal or dream of decent money not more money for sure. There are many side effects of more money as many of us become greedy. Before earning more money we need to know how to manage it properly. But having decent amount of money always the best.

Money is our need to live a better life as we all know that. Decent amount of money ensure the security of our financial status or personal finance. People who have more money can donate from them to make it decent amount of money as this is the best for all of us.

Having much interest from our money could be sometimes the major reason for poverty. As rich get richer and poor become poorer for the give and take of interest. Exception can be found that many of us incoming more interest but not getting richer and poor giving interest but not become poorer. But I'm talking about the majority.

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More money brings more trouble as most of the people can't manage it properly and some become hungry for it. The hunger for money only end when we rest in peace. So more money can be not an answer for many. Many people is happy with sufficient amount of money and have goal for decent amount.

People who has a lots of money become the reason of other's jealousy and jealous people try to harm most of the time. So decent amount is the best choice for them. Many try unfair means to make more money like money laundering, scamming, cheating, terrorism etc and these things bring more trouble in their life that they never expected and ready for this.

More money not always bring blessings it can be a curse, it can destroy lives and relationships. Money is not the basic need of human life but with the money we can buy or ensure the basic needs in our life. Money is not oxygen but when need we can buy oxygen cylinder with it so we can realize the importance of money.

Everything is good in a limit so we should apply the limit to our necessities of money. Decent amount should be the choice of many people but at the same time many people trying something unfair to make more money. And maybe that's why the world economy polluted in many ways. Better we work for decent amount of money in our everyday life to make our life beautiful.

What do you think about this discussion? Do you agree more with these points I've highlighted? I'm not a financial expert but how finance impact our life I mostly discuss on that. If you have any opinion regarding this, please feel free to share it with me in the comment section bellow.

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