Travala is trying NFT?

...Well it looks so...

Today Travala (AVA) is launching vote for their first proposal which is called "Develop and launch Travel NFTs". This is only available for smart members. Smart member 1 will have one vote, smart member 5 will have five votes.


And now something from Travala website (if you can not see it)

This proposal would give a grant to a firm to co-produce an NFT strategy paper, technical specifications, UI/UX mockups and develop an NFT program alongside core team members. The budget has been chosen based on a 12 month retainer model with an already identified service provider.

Target Outcomes wants to launch an NFT program that provides users and AVA token holders the following:

Airdropped NFTs as part of a new "Proof of Travel" program

  • Loyalty rewards for participating in the program
  • One-of-a-kind travel experiences that money can't buy NFT auctions
  • An open edition yearly travel pass
  • The previous will only be given to those using and incentivizes the use of AVA for booking travel on

The expected outcomes of the program are:

  • A symbiotic relationship between the NFT program, AVA and so that growth in one leads to growth in the others
  • More incentives for booking travel on which will lead to an increase in booking revenue and user loyalty
  • A novel NFT use case within the travel space that will garner publicity and attention from media and the travel industry
  • More AVA purchased and locked up by users to participate in the program

More detailed information on the NFT program and updates will be shared with the community if the initiative is approved."

It looks interesting, hopefuly the voters choose the right choice for future of Travala.


Vypadá to tak, že Travala chce opravdu rozjet NFT

Společnost Travala dnes zahajuje hlasování o svém prvním návrhu (proposal), který se nazývá "Vývoj a spuštění cestovních NFT". Tento návrh je k dispozici pouze pro členy jejich SMART pragramu. Takový člen SMART programu 1 bude mít jeden hlas, člen SMART programu 5 bude mít pět hlasů v tomto hlasování.

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