Introducing myself. A rookie trader sharing his trading journey.

sharingtrades intro.png

I have started to trade a couple of months ago and I realized it could be a good idea to share my observations and trades with this community. This could serve as a trading journal and hopefully I could also help other people in their trading journey. I am still new and a rookie when it comes to trading but my hope is to get better with enough time and effort.

I won’t be posting everyday, only when I have new observations or trades to share. In the comments of my posts I will share daily updates until the next day is reached where a new post might be shared with the info corresponding to the new day.

Eventually, I would also like to teach some trading basics but there is no point in doing that now because I currently find myself in my own learning process and I have a lot to integrate in my thought process when analyzing the charts. However, I would be happy to discuss about trading with anyone who is interested and maybe we can learn from each other.

The profile will remain anonymous so that’s why I am not uploading a selfie or anything like that like most people do when introducing themselves to the community. I am only interested in sharing my trading journey and teaching/learning from other people who are also interested in trading cryptos.

See you soon.