Pet Peeves!!

On Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to join the @hive-naija podcast show yesterday hosted by @olujay, @deraaa and @jhymi.

Really lovely show as always πŸ’ž

Now this shows topic is coincidentally the same with this week's topic.

Pet Peeves

Now during this show there's one thing I noticed from us presenting πŸ˜‚
Everybody who presented started with one particular phrase.

Normally I'm a very tolerant person...

While in my mind I wanted to scream

Na Lie!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I screamed that inwardly because after that first phrase, everyone went on to show just how intolerant they were.πŸ˜‚
We Nigerians aren't particularly known for our tolerance, just our ability to adapt.

We all aired our particular minor annoyances which other people forcefully project in our lives.
For that is what a pet peeves is...
A particular eek someone does that makes your skin crawl.

While making my presentation, I then realized that I hadn't made my post on this topic. Hence I'll say it now, starting with our first line...

Normally I'm a very tolerant person😁, but there are certain things I see everyday that just fills and spills the cup of anger and annoyance.

These particular habits brought by different people in my life are things that I try to ignore. Just walk and pass, let it slide down my back...

But at times it's not that easy. Sometimes you just know you have to address it, if not someone else would.

These things are called Pet Peeves and I have quite a list of mine.

1. Body Odour

Now this has to be the most common peeve out there.
Body dour is seen almost everywhere, in all types of people. From the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poorest 😭
In pidgin, E no dey look face.

Now I've seen or rather smelt quite a large range of Odours 😭.
Some that were strangely calming and some that were downright alarming

Like broooo, how can you smell like that?

This is one thing that I can't really wrap my head around, like why can't you notice that you aren't smelling right?
How can't you try to work yourself when you're aware that your bodily scent makes flowers wilt and puppies cry?

2. Overly Serious People

Now I'm sure that most people who have seen my posts, gotten my replies, or is even reading this can tell that I'm someone who likes to joke and laughπŸ˜‚.
So it's to no surprise that one of my pet peeves would be my polar opposite.
Someone who can't take a joke.

I really can't understand how someone would choose to be angry and keep a frown on their face from the time they are awake to the time they go to sleep πŸ™‚
I feel this country is enough of a joke for you to at least be able to keep a good mood and laugh a bit.

"If laughing and crying takes the same amount of energy, won't it be better to keep on laughing?" ~ Obaseki Oghogho Emmanuel

3. People Who Feel Overly Entitled

Now this is one character for me that tends to go above pet peeves to a hot bridled hatred.
I just stay wondering how one can think the world revolves around him or her and when it doesn't, goes through with proactive measures to ensure it does.
Sometimes when I see them, I'm just like;

These kind of people tend to have all the wrong type of pride, feel nothing about lying to get attention and they have just an bad character.
They are the kind of people are the type which my make morally compass blinks red and I try incredibly to avoid.

4. Those who feel Mean is cool.

Now I know this is a hard country, one in which if you're not strong hearted, you'll be used, washed and left out to dry.
Thus there are some situations in which one has to be mean, rude or straight out wicked to survive.

Yet there are some people who feel being mean is the way, the truth and the life and those kind of people are really twisted.
It's easy to see or notice one of them, and when I do I become mean to them too.
They just give me a kind of annoyance in anything they do that I can't stop it.

I guess I'll just leave this four out here as my most major pet peeves.
There are still a lot more kind of habits, characters and attitudes that trip me out though but let's not forget😭

I'm usually a very tolerant person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

In the discord show, they asked if I had ever called anyone out cause what they where doing didn't sit well with me.
I replied negative cause mostly I wasn't even prepared about this promptπŸ˜‚.
I legit just waltzed into discord and happened to see the show happening

So when writing this post, I happened to remember that the answer to that question was and is yes.
There was a time that all my tolerance faded away and I went and called someone out because of his attitude.
This particular fellow exhibited 2 of my pet peeves to be honest.

Yes!! Some human beings actually carry 2 kinds of my pet peeves.
Like imagine the balls!!!

This boy's pride was after his life and second hand embarrassment (term gotten from @jhymi) wasn't enough for me, I went up and embarrassed him online too.
This led to quite a long and huge Whatsapp battle between us across multiple school groups and our own private chat.

Reached the point we were planning to settle our differences physically too.
I was laughing throughout the battle cause I knew I could easily beat/wound/disgrace him.
He may have felt threatened top cause he began hyping himself up.
Suddenly this guy became an ex-convict who had sent a lot of people to the hospital. (Somebody please shout Batman in Ph)

From the hyping to the too many talks I just decided to block him.
I had made my point heard that he's pride was closely tying a knot round his neck and I'm sure he had taken note of it.
I had no intention of fighting someone physically for such a stupid cause, plus someone who feels the need to call himself an ex-convict.

Before una hear say seki don go kill Batman 😭😭

Regardless of how I may have reacted to that one incident, I feel pet peeves are a normality of life.
The way I may be disgusted by someone's character or attributes is the same way someone may be feeling about me.

Although person weh no like me no like good thing πŸ˜‚

P.S: Y'all should join the hive-naija show at times....
Lots of fun in that discord callπŸ˜‚βœ¨

  • Header Image is a screenshot of the @hive-naija discord call on Friday

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