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I've been thinking for a while whether to post this or not because it's related to my personal issues, but this is an experience from a couple of weeks ago and related to my own finances and technology, I decided to write something on the subject.
Also, the Hive goes up, and at that point, greed comes in and manifests itself in different ways in people and they become less cautious.
I write this so that it doesn't happen to others and that they don't repeat my mistakes.

I don't write much about finance, I'm not an expert. I did get into the crypto world early on, and I have bought a few cryptocurrencies, but I don't trade regularly because it takes too much time, but mostly I just HODL. I have to admit that I don't even understand these new financial services (DeFi) very well. I leave it to the experts to write about it, I am just a blogger.

Well, since this experience is related to my crypto finance, I decided to write this post in the LeoFinance community, which is the Hive network's most active community for understanding modern crypto financial services.

πŸ€‘ 😎 πŸ€‘


So, my finances.
All the financial experts, well, at least what I have read, say that you need to diversify investments, so, in other words, not just bet on one horse, but spread the investments over the different financial services that exist.
Okay, so my investments are divided into fiat investments, which are about two-thirds, and that is various funds and some in the bank, mainly for running costs, and crypto investments in various cryptocurrencies, various funds, and, now, DeFi investments.

You could also say that investment needs to be decentralized, i.e. you have different "chunks" of investment in different services. Well, that's my understanding of modern finance, that's the way I have it, I can't go into more detail, it's too time-consuming, and I (if anyone follows my Hive posts) am more concerned with other things.
They are more fun for me :) 😁


πŸ€‘ 😎 πŸ€‘

Okay, that was a bit of a long introduction, and to continue, yes it's nice to have your investments spread out, but what if I want to access them whenever I feel like it, not necessarily every hour, but when I feel the need, so, here and now. And that's why I (and I suppose others) have all my access concentrated on just one device, i.e. my "smart" phone.

For example, if I want to pay something through my bank, I go to the bank's app and transfer money from my bank account to another account - whether I type a number or scan a QR code, it doesn't matter. Or I buy something from an online shop via PayPal - I log in to my PayPal account and make the transaction. Want to buy some Hive coins? OK, I go to my online wallet XxxYyyCcc, transfer some BTC to BlockTrades and buy Hive there.
In short, all the actions, even though are in different places, are centralized to the control of my device, which I have in my pocket, which I often drop on the floor, or forget somewhere, or even break.


πŸ€‘ 😎 πŸ€‘

That's exactly what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I come home from work and my wife angrily reproaches me:
'What's wrong with you, why are you on the phone non-stop? Who are you calling?'
What? I didn't call anyone at all, and no one called me.
I try to call her from my phone (in the same room, just to check...) and nothing. The phone calls for a while and then switches off. She tries to call me and, indeed, her phone answers as my number is permanently busy.
Something is wrong. What now?

I restart the phone a few times, check the settings for voice, sound, airplane mode, etc... but nothing. Wi-fi works, 4g works. I mail to my operator about the problem and they said to me that's the only solution now to reset to factory settings.

So, first I made a backup of everything, then reset to factory settings and from back-up build all my phone again. Cool.
I made a test call to my wife. It's ringing. Great! πŸ’ͺ
Everything looks OK. But it just looks :(


πŸ€‘ 😎 πŸ€‘

I tried to access my Iconomi account where I have main of my crypto investments (I have there all BTC, Ether, Atom, LTC) and so-called cryptostrategies (these are funds made up of different cryptocurrencies - diversification, for example Blockchain Index strategy or CARUS-AR strategy), I wanted to sell some LTCs ...

So, I tried to log in with my mail and password and then go to Google Authenticator to generate my 2FA code and ...


The Google Authenticator app was empty! I can't log in to my treasury!
I'm an idiot, I've only just now realized that I should export somewhere all the sites where I use 2FA keys!

I go immediately to Iconomi support and they answered me fast:

  • Did you save your sixteen-character authentication key to restore your 2FFA? NO.
  • Did you save your QR code when you enabled 2FA? YES.

Yeah, I have somewhere that QR code. I found PNG file with that code and scan it with a Google Authenticator QR code scanner. Google Authenticator said that "The QR code is unreadable"
Fuck again!
How is this possible? I printed the code and scan again. The same answer.
Oh shit! What to do now?

Again, to Iconomi support and get a quick response:

/// that's from their helpdesk ////

If you didn't save your sixteen-character authentication key, we will need to reset/deactivate your 2FA. You'll need to go through our ID verification process. This process is in place to keep your assets safe. You will be asked to provide us with the following information:
1. The email associated with your account;
2. The current Tier (verification) level for your account;
3. The full details for at least one deposit or withdrawal you have made on the ICONOMI platform:
Cryptocurrencies transaction
-TxID/TxHash/Hash (token transaction ID on the Blockchain):
-receiving address:
-currency (BTC, ETH, etc.):
-date and time of the transaction:
Fiat (USD, EUR, …) transaction
-Your Name and Surname (your full name):
-Your Bank account number:
-Your Bank name:
-currency (EUR, etc.):
-Date of the transaction:

4. Attach a photo of yourself where your face is clearly visible and in which you are holding a valid ID document (international passport or national ID card) in your hand together with a piece of paper with the following handwritten information:
-the words "2FA reset - ID verification"
-current date in DD.MM.YYYY format
-your ”Name and Surname”

5. Please make sure everything in the photo is clearly visible.
6. Explain in detail the reason why you don't have access to the 2FA codes on your phone/device.

Hey, that's damn detailed KYC verification ...

I successfully finished this KYC except for the part when I tried to find the Fiat bank transaction.
Why? Because my bank app also has 2FA obviously and I lost all my codes with the factory reset. And to restore everything I had to go physically to the bank. Oh, and they charged me, of course. 😠

Well, to finish this post as I started:

YOU, not the hackers, not the thieves, YOU are, by your negligence and laziness, solely responsible for your own online safety.
Hive has this very well solved, but anyway, hide your keys in a safe place, because it's very easy and fast you can lose your identity.

Have a nice day and I hope this gives you something to think about :)

πŸ€‘ 😎 πŸ€‘

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