Make use of your Hive & Your Hive Community to Achieve Your Goals!

Happy new Year to all you Hivers!

Have you ever thought about using your #hive to achieve some goals?


About 3 months ago I read a post by @joshman about him commissioning a piece of art he wanted creating and paying for the whole thing through #hive (link to post below) and it got me thinking at the time about how on so many levels the #hive community could be utilised in so many ways if the community is engaged.


Over the past months we ( I say we meaning our group of hivers here in Moalboal, Philippines ) have come to know @ybanezkim26 through his travel blogs around the Philippines. Some of these adventures were quite near to us and we realised he was based in Cebu City not too far from us. It was only a matter of time before the first #hive meet was made.

From left to right;

@iamyohann @ybanezkim26 @diveratt @discoveringarni & @scubahead


I had mentioned many months before that he should come and see us to learn to dive as it would be a great compliment to his travel vlogs with the Philippines being made up of over 7000 islands there's simply water everywhere. It was on his bucket list but as is so often the case life has a tendency to throw spanners in the works and he made a brave decision to quit his fulltime work. This made finances a little uncertain and the dream of learning to dive seemed to be slipping away.
It was at this point, remembering the post by @joshman , that I suggested that if he wanted to he could pay for the course in #hive if he wished. I think a little surprised at first he agreed and we both began planning it out. After a few delays we got a date sorted out and began trying to make a dream a reality.
@discoveringarni @ @ybanezkim26 had become good friends and she and @iamyohann opened up their home to him while he was doing the course.


So..... Now it Begins


We did have another class on at the time but i felt @ybanezkim being naturally shy would benefit from a calm course one on one with a calm instructor. It went beautifully.


The bookwork was effortless for him as he's naturally smart and he took to the water amazingly quickly and was positively beaming entering and exiting the water before and after every training session.


The weather , which has been really crappy recently , decided to play ball and the conditions were fantastic.


And then, after quitting a job and enduring lock downs that seemingly went on forever during this horrible year we have all had to endure, the realisation of a lifelong ambition was becoming a reality.



All paid for by #hive



A nice way to end 2020. @ybanezkim26 Open Water Diver Certified!


So I would actively encourage you all to engage more with each other on the #hive as some of the connections could be more valuable than merely an upvote. They say in life that sometimes it's not what you know it's who you know and there are many people on the hive with a variety of skill sets. Be it getting an artist to create something for you or learning to scuba dive, this is merely scratching the surface. Who else is out there on the hive and what possibilities are there out there for us all. Something to think about for 2021 on the #hive

Take care people & Happy New Year



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