How Many Posts a Day is too Many? - How to interact and add value.

Proof of Brain is a fantastic concept and one I am sure will eventually be adopted by many. Everyday I scan posts and look for great content. Usually someone has beat me to it and I find most great posts have been upvoted by many people.

My question to the PoB universe is:

How many posts per day are too many? and What is the best way to interact and add value?

My opinion on this is:

There is no limit to the number of times you can post content onto any Proof of Brain blockchain. Though I'd advise the following when interacting....

Make sure your content is good and connects with people. You can write one average post a day with relevance and most users will understand, send some votes your way and engage. Author 10 posts a day and they are all average/mediocre, then I start to skip over your content and not read any of it. If I start to see lots of your content each day I might even mute you to free up the new page that I check regularly. This will definitely lose you followers and voters.

Rather than posts 10 times a day, put up one or two really good posts and then interact on other content. Ask some questions, give opinions and comment in a constructive way. I am yet to see anyone get their 'knickers in a knot' over someone who has commented in a constructive manner and asked questions.

Be cautious about what you post and understand that others might not see the value in what you post. Too often I have heard the phrase that 'A picture paints a thousand words'. That may be right, but if you have just snapped 10 selfies in 10 seconds, added them to a post with little content or context, don't expect a whole lot of engagement, particularly if these types of posts occur regularly.

Don't be a 'dick' when commenting. Being critical and condescending on posts to people is just poor form and will ultimately end up getting you muted or downvoted. Sometimes you see people go out of their way to create a post, and yes, sometimes they are way off the mark, but there is no reason to be a critical idiot. Constructive feedback is always the best way to build a community and drive improvement.

Ask questions and interact when people across a community are questioning your voting, commenting or posting habits. Sometimes people just need some further insights into your reasoning or you need to take a good look at yourself and take the feedback on. If you ignore advise and feedback, usually it is at your own peril. Loss of votes and downvoting might ensue if you don't listen.

There are many ways to engage and add value to a community. These are just some suggestions I will give from my experience of being here engaging across many of the various PoB platforms over the past 5 years. There have been many learnings for me, but I still see users making the same mistakes, resulting in the same outcomes for many.

I hope these can give you some guidance on your journey blogging!

Thanks for reading.

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