The common man's dreams

Financial instability
Fear of missing out on dreams

Crypto has proved time and again to the global community that it can be the answer to all financial problems.

I did not mean to say that all can be rich in one shot and hey let's celebrate being Richie Rich. With everybody being rich, it would only cause inflation and the best example is the now-infamous dogecoin.

Nor am I saying that the poor should continue remaining poor.

It is just that if you have the sense to invest in crypto wisely and also do it with dedication and find a use case for it such as Hive, then you will surely realize that your money-based troubles are nearing an end.

I agree that Hive is not getting the kind of exposure or price rise but then Hive is not about making a quick dollar.

The common man's dreams

A house

A vehicle

A family

Is that too much to ask for?

Wealth is not distributed equally and never will it be.

It is up to the people who are aware of decentralization to educate the masses about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and open-source software.

So, what do you feel about what I wrote?

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