Proposal to introduce Hive to people around the globe

As you all know, many people from developing countries already make a living with Hive. Even a small amount of Hive can bring food to the table and also provide amply for other expenses.

What does this mean?
It means we are all changing from being dependent on governments, banks, and loans and bills and becoming more financially independent.

Will this move be favored by the banks or governments?
Certainly not because people would no longer require loans and thus lower the business of the banks unless they lower their interests, become more customer friendly, and provide more lenient rules and payback terms, etc.

One statement that those in power keep repeating is that crypto is a shady business and some people who watch the TV (paid) news and read newspapers tend to believe all the nonsense that is fed to them.

One thing crypto is not - Shady.
All transactions especially the ones on Hive are transparent. So, obviously - who is at fault here or rather who is the one afraid of such transparent transactions?

Let us assume that a farmer in India wants to spend some money on expanding his farm. In normal circumstances, he has to take a loan from the bank which he will get by pledging either his land or his gold assets.
Suppose, his farm does not yield the desired crops because of various factors such as natural disasters, the harm done by anti-social elements, and other stuff (even wild elephants stampeding in), he will find it difficult to pay back the loan amount or even the interest which will slowly pile up and then the banks will start threatening to confiscate the land and/or assets.
Reality check - There have been a lot of farmer suicides in the past decades and nothing much has been done to improve the situation.

People will still pay to idolize movie stars and cricketers rather than help poor farmers.


Crypto enters the scene - Bring in Hive

The farmer or his wife or children blog on Hive. They write about the farm and the crops and how they plan to improve agriculture. They earn money. This money is converted to local currency and used to buy stuff that they need very badly. Even a small amount of hive makes a difference in a developing country.

There are no middlemen.

There are no banks seeking interest on pledged stuff.

There is no one breathing down your shoulder.

The farmer is happy. The wife is happy and the children are happy and happy homes mean a peaceful society. The local shops get more customers because the farmer can afford to buy stuff for his family.

Oh, wait, taxes?

Well, of course, the farmer is ready to pay taxes but what if the governments are ready to extract more than their fair share?

Then, the farmer's children will start to think of leaving their country for good and settling down in some other place where it is crypto-friendly. Yea, there are countries and mind you, if the local governments do not face the reality that crypto is taking over the world, welcome it openly, and introduce some sort of user-friendly tax system, then the whole idea of vote banks and even the present bank-based financial system will be a failure in the coming decades.

It is time that the leaders recognized the fact that technology is fast developing and what defined the rules a century back will not be applicable soon.

It is time, we introduced Hive to the people of developing countries such as India and others. It is time, we try to uplift the lives of poor people. Nobody deserves to be poor and hungry. If people are willing to work hard, then success belongs to them. No one can deny that.

Let us make an effort to introduce Hive to our fellow countrymen/women.

Hive has made a difference already and projects such as @neo-care have done so much. It may not have got the publicity that was desired but then again, the people behind it got so much done, and none of the workers of @neo-care and the people who donated desired any accolades either.

Tomorrow is Hive power-up day. Let us all power up and make sure to try and introduce Hive to new people around the world. Let us be the change.

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