Good morning/evening/night, Cryptonauts!

Is it just me, or other people too are felling that time has accellerated quite a bit in the last month or so?

I am a new Ecency Community member and still understanding how things work around here.

Let me introduce myself briefly! I am CryptoSunshine, a former humanitarian worker who turned Crypto advocate. I entered in the Cryptospace back in 2019 but didn´t do much until around 6 months ago were things started speeding up like crazy! You can say, that i plunged into the Crypto rabbit hole, full on, and since then it has been a hell of a ride! I have met so many beautiful souls in my crypto journey and partnered up with a group of like-minded people that want to make a difference in the world through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrenciies.

Didn´t I say I plunged deep into the Rabbit Hole? Part of this deep dive has been launching a project in the DeFi space on the Binance Smart Chain.
Our project is called Shillit.Baby and it´s ultimate token vetting platform Shillit.Baby is a revolutionary way to find your next 100x gem.


The platform: platform provides users with a comprehensive, all-in-one, cryptocurrency analytical ecosystem to simplify & accelerate your online investment ventures.

The platform converges AI aggregated data with real interviews with the devs of new tokens, focusing mainly on presales and launches.

Shillit.Baby platform is a place where you can have an instant comprehensive overview of projects: the good, the bad and the ugly, where you are abl to make sound decisions when buying into presales.

What we do?

We do an in-depth investigation of the projects which include: thorough inspection of social media channels, Telegram groups, reviewing the whitepapers to understand developers and measure their skills and analyze contracts to look out for the ever present scammers.

Furthermore, we audit contracts, ask for KYC, and interview and dox project teams with the objective to analyse every detail of the projects and evaluate their feasibility and sustainability in the long run.

Platform Features:

If you have the complete picture, you make wiser choices.

Not only AI driven data, but human interviews with the team to understand their project and their background.
Insights from our financial experts about the feasibility and sustainability of the project.
Social trend measurements and a score system that you won't find anywhere else.

Customise your view by filtering data that is most important for you in order to have the complete panorama at a glance. Customize and streamline the data you want to see. Keep what you need, and hide what you don’t. The dashboard is adaptable to best fit your needs.

All the data you need, at a glance. Check for contract vulnerabilities.

A place for you to share knowledge, review tokens and teams. Best of all: get rewarded for contributing to the platform!

The $SHILL Token:

The $SHILL Token fuels the platform & grants access to premium features for holders & functions as the payment ecosystem for ads, rewards and referrals.

2% Back to Holders
3% Marketing & Innovation
5% Back to Liquidity

We designed the $SHILL tokenomics to provide stability and sustainability to our project, while protecting our investors’ money and increasing their investment capacity.

All $SHILL holders get rewarded in BNB to jump right away on new Presales tokens and fill their bags following our Trading Signals, if they want to. (NFA – DYOR)

After studying dozens of tokens, presales, charts and trends, we coded the $Shill smart contract to redistribute 10% of all the transactions, balancing users’ rewards, liquidity and marketing strength.

As a $SHILL holder*, you’ll have Access to premium features like:

Tokens price alerts
Push Notifications Alerts
Trading Signals
VIP access to our TOKEN Presales Whitelists Contests

*HOLDERS needs to have at least 100$ worth of $SHILL tokens in order to access the Premium Features.


The platform is intended for all types of investors: from DeFi Apes to DeFi Newbies. With its straightforward project visualisation, investors will be able to take a decision at a glance and jump straight into a new project without experiencing the FOMO.

Shillit.Baby has thought of everything, making DeFi investment simple, clear saving time and energy in your research.

Don´t miss the opportunity to participate in the Pre-Sale on the 17th of September and becoming the next $Shillionaire;

Find us at:
📱 Telegram:
🌎 Web:
🐦 Twitter:

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