The Twitter Lightning Tipping Point


A few years ago I discovered this incredible book which I recommend anyone to read. It basically describes how small minor changes can be the spark for a huge change.
Just a few days ago, El Salvador became the first nation to push Bitcoin usage all over its population. That was possible thanks to the Lightning network, which offers a way to do fast very cheap (only one satoshi) Bitcoin transactions.


Yesterday, Twitter finally announced the introduction of tips in their IOS App, including Bitcoin as one of the ways to do so, I believe this may be the tipping point crypto needed to get into the mass market.

It is no secret, for those not introduced into crypto, Bitcoin is the only word they may have heard from all the coins out there. Bitcoin was the first one and the reason this amazing industry started growing, but the only way to introduce Bitcoin to the mass market was using a second layer solution which is what the Lightning network was developed for.

It is clear not many people are familiar with the BTC lightning network as most of the users either trade or hold the currency but all the sudden many people from one specific area of the world is starting to use the service on a daily basis and with Twitter implementation, we are opening the door to any user of the social media to try and experiment by giving or receiving tips.

Some people may argue El Salvador is just a very small country with not much influence worldwide but to me, the point is not only opening the door to other countries but also offering free capital increase taxation to big whales as a way to attract investment to the country.

Now we have one of the top social media services with users worldwide offering a side service including Bitcoin tips, so anyone wanting to be curious and experimenting with crypto will be able to do so without hassle.

I am sure things are going to speed up so buckle up!

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