OrionProtocol, Gasless Fee On Ethereum Network

The growth cryptocurrency and decentralized finance experienced have boosted people's moral in embracing the use of digital assets and this has increase the overall transactions within the space.

In view of this growth, many centralized & decentralized exchanges have come into being to rise up to the demands of the users but their are problems crypto traders experienced as transaction fees eat up their profit due to scalability and network congestion during transactions.


Orion Protocol, One of the solution crypto community needs

Since the introduction of DeFi into the crypto space, interaction with the difference DApps is one of what I leverage on, into to increase my daily income and this lead to the discovery of depositless trading terminal on Orion Protocol.

The unique features of Orion Protocol in tackling the prominent issues associated with DeFi platforms is so amazing. With one single decentralized App/platform, Orion Protocol brought in liquidity aggregation to the entire crypto market. You may say, yes there are many platforms with this solution but one key note you need to know is, Orion Protocol liquidity aggregation is from both DeFi and CeFi exchanges but funds in transaction are decentralized. It seems unreal? Take a moment to check out this article*"

The recent development by Orion team caught my attention and as I know, crypto traders, investors, even project owners will love to interact with a protocol that allows cashing out profit in a low fee, secure, and fast environment.

What's New In Orion Protocol Camp?

Launchpad is one of the elements that allows people discovered new projects and mostly early bird to such project expected profit. From experience, the terms and conditions that binds launchpad have chase many away from interacting with many of this launchpads. E.g. KYC, Minimum deposit, FCFS, and many others.

Orion Protocol working on the launch of their chain, late November SolarFlare was launched on Orion Terminal.
In case you missed in action, SolarFlare is OrionProtocol launchpad launched to release new projects token to crypto space and allow every participants to be treated equally via the use of the platform utility token $ORN.

The first project token launched was $VR and was oversubscribed with 2,000% as 800 participants committed 130,000 $ORN approximately 1,000,000$ marketvalue. You can read further about this. SolarFlare Oversubscribed.

Orion Protocol team learned so many lessons from SolarFlare first project launched and have started working towards the solution as the second project token launch is getting closer as revealed in Development AMA discussion with the community.

You can watch the video and gather information about, gasless transaction on Ethereum network, Orion bridge (ETH to BSC with low or no gas fee), Bridge to other chain like Fathoms and many more information.

In conclusion, as I understand that many crypto traders are searching for easy way to trade their asset with low transaction fee and at best price, they can leverage on Orion Terminal which meet their needs. Also, prepare for new project token launch on the protocol launchpad which gives everyone equal right provided you hold $ORN and don't forget their are multiple development going on, follow closely and don't forget to do your research before your take action.

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