Don't sleep on blockchain-powered microblogging! The end of web 2.0

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If you're not yet active on Web 3.0 Social Media Platforms like Hive, now would be the perfect time to think about it. If you think you're missing the boat, you aren't. Many have already transcended from Web 2.0 to Web 3. They are actively searching for alternatives to find a new online home. And they are right. You don't want to miss the boat when planning to grow a social media presence on Web 3. Hive is one of the earliest Social Media platforms powered by blockchain technology that houses all-in-one.

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  1. Hive
  2. The launch of 'Threads', an alternative to Twitter
  3. Why be a bird if you can be a lion
  4. ThreadStorm
  5. POSH is another initiative that rewards its users for sharing content
  6. Build your social media presence on web 3


Ever since the network has split from Steem, the community and developers that thrive on Hive are continuously building and improving the technology. One unique and revolutionary aspect of the Hive blockchain is that it is fully decentralized. It has no pre-mine, nor did it receive funding from venture capital. On top of that, there is no CEO controlling it. This translates into a blockchain that relies and runs solely on its community. The Hive blockchain also has a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which funds projects proposed by developers and other community members. More and more developers are getting attracted by this. They have the opportunity to build freely on Hive. There are no transaction fees on Hive, and the blockchain has an impressive speed of 3 seconds per block.

The launch of 'Threads', an alternative to Twitter

Rumors of the Twitter sale created despair among loyal Twitter users, who were desperately looking for alternatives to Twitter in protest of Elon Musk. This signaled not only the end of Twitter as how we know it today but also shows that the era of web 2.0 is nearing an end. It is still unclear if Musk is acquiring Twitter, but he may be getting sued by Twitter.

LeoFinance, founded by @khaleelkazi, an uprising blogging platform powered by Hive is making a name and is fastly increasing its userbase. While the platform usually focuses on financial-related topics, its team of developers has made it possible to be able to microblog (roar) on the blockchain as of yesterday. On the 7th of July, 2022, LeoFinance launched its alternative to the colossal social media platform Twitter, called 'Threads'. One significant difference between Twitter and 'Threads' is that you monetize all your Roars (eq. of Tweets). The platform doesn't discriminate against an account. For example, you don't have to become a verified user before you can make your first buck. Blockchain-powered microblogging is another invention to shock the world of web 2.0. Another reason you should start building your social media presence on Web 3.

Why be a bird if you can be a lion

Web 2.0 has reached its limits. Facebook is set to drop 1.4 million users this year. Twitter reports a 221$ annual loss. Users are taking back control over their own content. Just as it was promised when Social Media was launched. Web 2.0 platforms must adapt to the fast-developing Web 3 standards, or it will become the end for them.

At LeoFinance, you are a lion where you roar your thoughts on the blockchain.

The average attention span is getting shorter and shorter. This isn't surprising since you don't have control over what you read on social media. Twitter has used an algorithm where you are forced to see Tweets from users you don't follow. 'Tweets' based on your 'likes' or users you follow that replied to 'Tweets' are often published on your timeline. It is a gamble whether you like or dislike this 'Tweet' which creates the possibility that you don't even want to see this 'Tweet' at all. It is our human nature to discard anything we dislike as fast as possible. Scrolling through our timeline teaches our brain to determine something worthy of our time. Practice makes perfect, right?

What if you control the content you see? Currently, 'Threads' makes this possible. You follow people who share interesting content to you.

The majority of active users on 'Threads' are Web 3 pioneers. Just imagine, wouldn't it be great to get directly in touch with people you can learn from? Personally, that's why I signed up for Hive years ago. There were so many similar minded people that I could learn from, and could share my talents with. 4 years later, and I'm still here, experiencing all these developments.

So, let me ask you a question, do lion eat birds? Yes, they do.


To celebrate the launch of 'Threads', LeoFinance is awarding a total of 5K $LEO (approx $420 USD at the time of writing) to more than one user who tries out the new feature on LeoFinance.

There have been more than 4500 Threads created since its launch yesterday. Of course, I created one of them here, after I somehow messed up my original thread here (that did get some comments). So, do you have something to share with us? Sign up here and let us hear you roar!

POSH is another initiative that rewards its users for sharing content

This is not the first time the Hive blockchain rewards its community by sharing its thoughts or blog posts on social media platforms. For example, POSH is an initiative that rewards users for sharing Hive blog posts on Twitter and encourages the community to engage. They believe everyone should be rewarded for their time. This initiative is founded by community leader @acidyo, one of the earlier users of Hive.

Build your social media presence on web 3

Like it or not, Web 2.0 is about to end while Web 3 has just begun. All our Social Media accounts are about to get a hard reset once replaced by Web 3 alternatives. While people started building their presence on Web 3, everyone can (and should) start their social media journey on the blockchain as soon as possible. At the bottom of this article, you will find tools that will set you up on the Hive blockchain. Don't worry if you're not into microblogging or financial blogging. Hive allows you to easily connect to any dApp and platform with just one singular account. Yep... this also goes for dApps, games, and platforms being developed in the future.

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What do you prefer more? To Roar or to Tweet?

I'm definitely going to try out LeoFinance's 'Threads', and will roar my thoughts on the blockchain. I will also continue to Tweet in an attempt to get these sleepers over here.


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