How To Defeat the Powerful WAKA SPIRITBLADE

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Hello and welcome. I hope to demonstrate how to defeat one of the most powerful summoners of the element of death in this post. With the right selection of cards, it is possible to defeat powerful summoners who are also supported by the strongest line of monsters.

Of course, to defeat summoner WAKA SPIRITBLADE, you must rely on luck as well as strategy. WAKA SPIRITBLADE's poison ability isn't always effective. There's still a chance that none of his monster's poison abilities will function as intended.


The toughest tournament battle I've ever engaged in was this one. Because there are strict rules when the tournament is made, the Teams competing in it are obviously on an equal footing. Regarding both league class and the cards that can and cannot be used in tournaments.

Reverse speed and blast are additional rules in this battle. There is currently no alternative but to use the element of death. I had the idea to move first by using a monster with a speed of one point right away. And BONE GOLEM is the appropriate monster. The next step is to consider how to improve magic attacks so that the explosion effect can still hit shielded enemy monsters directly. The BONE GOLEM is protected from magical attacks by being in the foreground thanks to the assistance of the summoner THADDIUS BROOD. To harm the BONE GOLEM, the enemy's magic attack must score at least three points.

The next strategy is to place a monster with a large shield and health points in the battle array's second position. so that the monsters can absorb the explosion while still being able to strike back. While the rest is that I place monsters with big attacks, random attacks, and attacks in the middle of the line so that their explosive effects can break through. As a result, I went with LIRA THE DARK, MAGI NECROSI, and SAND WORM. It's just that their speed doesn't match the benefits of the additional rules. I also use URAEUS as a backup attacker.

Now it's time to fight.


With the appearance of the opposing Summoner, WAKA SPIRiTBLADE, I am hoping for good fortune in my battle. My strategy could be shattered in an instant if all Enemy monsters have the ability to poison all my monsters.

When looking at the second row, beware of VENATOR KINJO, who is unaffected by the explosion effect, DOCTOR BLIGHT, who removes healing abilities (despite the fact that there are no healing monsters in my line), GEM METEOR with Scattershot, and CORNEALUS with Healing.

But installing NIGHT GHOUL, that's increased my chances of survival. Because it means that all of my attacks are directed at a single monster. The opponent's fortress will be broken by defeating NIGHT GHOUL.

And it's been proven that repeated attacks made NIGHT GHOUL an easy target in the first round. Even though I received attacks on the BONE GOLEM, some of them were ineffective because they were still blocked by the shield. Only three of the six enemy monsters can attack. VENATOR KINJO and DR. BLIGHT cannot harmed BONE GOLEM, and the GEM METEOR attack failed.

In the following round, VENATOR KINJO and GEM METEOR were eliminated due to their inability to attack quickly and the explosive effect of my attack, namely SAND WORM. My monster was then eliminated because he couldn't withstand the opponent's attack. BONE GOLEM and ARACHNE THING are two examples. However, my remaining troops, can still drain the opponent's health points : ANCIENT LICH, and CORNEALUS.

Battle Waka.png

By clicking on the image, you can view the match's progress.


You could say that my strategy was successful, but you could also say that I was lucky to win. There was not a single poison ability used by the opposing monsters in this fight. This is why summoner WAKA SPIRITBLADE appears to be like Summoner KRETCH TALLEVOR.

The opponent's strategy, which relies on TAUNT and NIGHT GHOUL, is then chosen. Perhaps, with the assistance of healing, this strategy would work at normal speed. However, if no monsters are available to heal the NIGHT GHOUL, he becomes an easy target for the opponent.

Other monsters can take the place of ANCIENT LICH Selection. Because it is usually the Blast ability that allows the ANCIENT LICH to excel. However, in this fight, that ability can be obtained through the use of additional rules. In this battle, using LIFE SAPPER is the same as using ANCIENT LICH.

Finally, I discovered that victory in the Splinterlands Battle is influenced by a variety of factors. Whether it's additional rules, the ability of cards to support each other, or, most importantly, LUCK. May your battle be full of surprises and the unexpected. Wish you can tell the splinterlands community.

That concludes my fight; I hope there are lessons to be learned and applied when fighting in the world of splinterlands.


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