HPUD done! Next, rewarding HBI.

Now that HPUD is done and looking forward to it the next month I am now excited to do the following task.

Next, rewarding HBI to my followers


I look at rewarding them with HBI as a gesture to say THANK YOU for appreciating my posts and commenting on them. I feel that by rewarding this will keep your energy pushed forward and strive here on our Hive blokchain of course this is on top of upvotes you have received.

I usually do HBI rewards once or twice a month depending on the number of followers I get.

The rewards may be not much but it is given with my utmost sincerety.

On the same note, this post is specifically a way for me to humbly say thank you.


Incase you are new and have just on-boarded on Hive, you may check what HBI is all about and the team behind this project through this link here:

Hive Basic Income or you may ask @josephsavage himself.

Thank you and here's your HBI

Hence, I would like to again say thanks to:

Each of you gets 2 HBI each and a total of 14 Hives was rewarded.

BDW, in my mother tongue, thank you is said as KOTOHUADAN!

Enjoy your HBI!

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