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The Big Fish In Town

The talk of the blockchain right now is @splinterlands and what they are doing with their new SPS token airdrop series. The concept of being able to play a video game and be able to use that as not only active income (earning through winning) but also through passive income/investment (rentals and speculation) is something I never would have thought possible just a few years ago.

I joined Splinterlands back in March and have gone back and forth playing and not playing. Of course with the recent boom I wish I could say I have been playing 40 hours a week and stacking monsters, but alas I have been inconsistent. Despite this, I am using the rental market to start trying to grow my stake in the game and progress through the leagues heading upwards.

If you haven't signed up for Splinterlands, I absolutely recommend doing so, the game is fun and the value proposition is clear with this recent boom. You can use this link to sign up!

What Can Happen?

I don't have much experience in coding or development of any kind, but I have been looking to find a way to create a game of my own. I won't share all of the details at this moment as I am working on creating the project now and during creation things are bound to change up, but expect to hear from me in the near future working on a new project for our blockchain.

We are living in a world where big things are getting easier to do for the average person. We talk about it a lot, but it is absolutely true that anyone with a wifi connection, a laptop and a strong work ethic can now become a millionaire.

We are living in a world where someone winning a few dozen battles in their favorite blockchain game may be making well above the minimum wage of their home country. It is now possible to support yourself doing something that you love... Ironically this is how it always should have been, blockchain is making this a reality.

We are living in a world where NFT's are being sold for the cost of a car or a house. There is so much room to innovate and take advantage of these emerging and experimental markets.

I will be making numerous calls and sending dozens of emails over the next few weeks trying to create something of my own in this strange new world and I hope that when I do it is something that will inspire others on the blockchain to follow suit.

Literally anything is possible at this point, if you've been sitting on a great idea waiting for the right moment to work on it and share it with the world, take this advice of this sporadic and arguably crazy guy and go make it happen! The worst thing that one can do in this world is wait to long to try to make their dreams a reality. Not everyone will succeed in this strange new frontier, but you definitely can't succeed if you don't try.

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