Overwhelming Support: Dunk Social Claimdrop Issuance



When I made the announcement yesterday about the claimdrop and the launch of @dunksocial I had no idea that so many people would be commenting and upvoting the post! There has already been over 10 posts in the @dunksocial tribe and things are picking up quickly.

I have completed the transfers to the first 240 upvoters or so on the claimdrop #1 post, so come on over to @dunksocial and make a post/curate! I hope that you will decide to stake some of the airdrop and grow alongside this new community.

For those who haven't gotten their transfer yet, it is because I am now exhausted, starting a tribe is insanely intensive and exhaustive, though I am happy I have done it. I will send some more transfers tomorrow hopefully around this time!

If you want to purchase DUNK (not financial advice) it is available here: https://tribaldex.com/trade/DUNK There is not too much action here as of yet, but I expect that to change quickly!

I will be on dunksocial.io tonight curating content and look forward to possibly hearing some picks and opinions on the NBA game tonight!

Thank you all, it only goes up from here! #dunksocial

Disclaimer that this is not the second claimdrop post, just an update

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@mariosfame gif once again, I love it

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