Growing Communities On Hive = Dopamine Rush


Guys, this stuff is fun. There is so much going on here on the blockchain that it is starting to get a little insane. People are creating new communities, existing communities are getting the recognition they deserve, dApps are expanding the reach of their influence. Things are really starting to come together here on Hive.

Honestly, doing what I could to start @dunksocial and now trying to branch out and get involved in different communities feels like it could be considered work, but feels genuinely fun. We are accumulating tokens that can one day grow to have insane valuations by literally just communicating with and interacting with one another. I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on just how insane that actually is.

I started on Hive in December, but bounced back and forth between here and Publish0x mainly because of the learning curve Hive brought along with itself. I am very glad that I have made the decision to focus most of my time online here on Hive and specifically within the @leofinance and @dunksocial communities. However, Hive is also a bit like a buffet. Sure you have the few dishes that are your main staples, but you never know what type of craving you'll have in the moment.

Similarly, though I may post on Leo and Dunk the most often, sometimes I want to discuss traveling... There's a community for that. Or sometimes music... Well that is here too. What about wanting to freewrite about something? YEP we have that as well. The sheer variety that has been built on the Hive blockchain make it one of the most marketable ecosystems in the cryptocurrency world (and in the general social media world as well), we just haven't reached that mass adoption yet that will send prices flying through the roof.

With each individual innovation, the entire ecosystem benefits. It is almost like that saying about "there is no such thing as bad press", with Hive there is no such thing as a bad community. Even a community that brings in one person is serving an important purpose in my opinion.

It is my belief that we are about one year and one massively successful platform away from getting major players into the game here. We don't need those players to be successful in the long run, but it can't hurt to grab a few more whales!

What are your opinions on the future of the Hive blockchain? I just wanted to offer my reflections and reiterate just how cool this platform really is for all of us!

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