What am I running after? High Yield DeFi platforms

I am not running after anything. I am enjoying my life right now with what I have. Having said that, I am chasing high yield on my crypto assets.

It sounds simple but it is not. As an investor with a certain amount of stable coins and crypto assets, I am always looking for that high yield generation. With the rise in popularity in 2020, I experienced so many defi products I cannot even count them now. There are two types of platforms that you can access. It all depends on your risk tolerance which platform is better suited for you and how much you want to invest.


High risk tolerance

If you are someone with high risk tolerance and would like to chase the highest of yields, then ape for high risk high yield platforms. Mind you, these platforms are very similar to casinos where timing, insider information and your ability to speculate matters.

I aped into many of those defi platforms where investors join to reap the high yields early on. The high worth individuals will pump the price and, once enough users buy in, dump it. You need to be nimble to be able to get in and get out before the pump and before the dump. That requires extreme precision and luck. I was never able to time the pump and dump and lost quite a bit of money. Aping was not for me.

There are many discord groups where you will be able to find information on those defi platforms where defi gamblers are aping and making/losing money.

Low risk tolerance

If you are someone with low risk tolerance, it is advised that you stay with high profile defi platforms and yield aggregators like AAVE. Since you are avoiding risk and there is a level of security with these platforms, you will not likely get astronomical yield rates. You would be accepting low yields to ensure safety of your investment.

I experimented with high risk platforms early on. Once I realized how I am not able to gamble with my assets, I chose aave, sushi farm and pancake farming to park my assets. The platforms are my passive income sources with relatively less risk. That also means I am not getting very high rewards.

My Opinion

In my honest opinion, it is okay to ape into projects with the money that you are willing to play/gamble. It is not advised to take your savings/investment assets to put into high risk platforms. In addition to those low risk platforms, I am also farming $CUB on cubdefi. I know the team behind the platform and it is safe once you know they will not risk funds intentionally. There could be hacks or incidents that cannot be controlled, of course.


One of the benefits to joining the platform after a three month long hiatus - you explore defi on Hive platform. I did not realize that there is 10% APR on your HBD when you put them in savings. It may not be a huge return ( it is huge) but it is useful. I would typically convert HBD to Hive once I received them as reward. Now, I put them in my savings account as a hedge against the hive price action. Having said that, HBD itself is volatile.

Think wisely before jumping guns and put your assets in that next high yield defi platform. Save funds and choose platforms based on your risk appetite. Keep yielding.

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