Problems with metamask, how to change node

Problems with Metamask, how to change node

This is a small guide that can be of help to many users, sometimes the BSC suffers from slowdowns, metamask is affected and many people including me can get frustrated and nervous, today I want to do this small guide to be helpful and save me some anger

Expand the view in order to have everything more comfortable

Click on the first possibility :)

Screenshot 80.png

Now let's go to the settings section

Click on your account and choose the last option, the one with the gear shape

Screenshot 77.png

Press on settings and select Networks

Screenshot 81.png

Once found the BSC replace the underlined url with a new url provided by binance at this document


Screenshot (82).png

Mission accomplished :)

I hope this little guide will help you and save you some nervousness, have fun on BSC :)

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