That felt Weird... Coming out of the BLEO-BNB pool

I decided to pull out of the bleo-BNB pool a little early, I'm a bit reticent about being left in a pool with more and more liquidity being pulled out (and no rewards as it's retired), as if there are any sudden price moves on BNB or bleo I'm affected more.

Screenshot 20210922 at 08.21.57.png

I got the following rate:

1BNB to 1827.33 bleo.

I'm up on leo since I initially pooled, but I haven't lost that much BNB either, which is noice, and I've been able to farm off a shed load of Cub too, which is noicer.

ATM my funds are just sitting in my (Trezor protected) MM wallet waiting to be pooled.

It will be interesting see how this compares when I add liquidity to the V2 pool tomorrow, or probably more like the day after, I see relatively little advantage to getting in early.

I also need to figure out whether I pool the lot or keep some back (10-20%) to go towards my Chaos buy-in - it all depends whether I can yield more on that proportion in a couple of weeks than the withdrawal fees.

I imagine the difference will be quite marginal.

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