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Splinterlands Card Market Cap: $111,261,642

Graph and market cap taken from Splinterlands official discord channel

Looking at that above graph for Splinterlands total market cap most likely has left you in amazement. It was only a few short months ago in which we were celebrating a 5 Million Total Market Cap and then a 10 Million MarketCap and then.... Well you get the idea. BUT did you know that the above only shows the Total Market Cap for Splinterland cards.

The above graph while very impressive doesn't tell the full story. To get the true Market Cap of Splinterlands we have to take into account its other assets. So lets take a look at those assets and try our best to put a USD value on them.

Dark Energy Crystals

The in game currency DEC which can be earned via play and used to make purchases within the Splinterlands game has seen some massive growth in USD worth. Hive-Engine current stats for DEC show that it has a current supply of 483,407,217.56 and with a current price of $0.00446 each that adds another $2,156,369 million dollars to Splinterlands current total Market Cap.


SPS Tokens

SPS is the governance token of Splinterlands. This is the newest introduction to the Splinterlands universe and so far has been a smashing hit. Currently there is a year long airdrop taken place in which holders of Splinterlands assets will get airdropped FREE SPS tokens DAILY until the airdrop concludes. The stats for SPS can be seen in game via clicking on the SPS token icon at the top of the Splinterlands official game page. Currently the stats for SPS show that the total supply of SPS is 200,000,000 and with a current sale price of $0.251 that adds another $50,226,820 USD to Splinterlands Total Market Cap.


SPT Tokens

SPT tokens are earned on the Hive network frontend known as Splintertalk. SPT is short for Splintertalk Tokens. The Splintertalk frontend is strictly for blogging about the Splinterlands game. SPT tokens can also be earned by using the tag SPT on created post on the Hive network (Post must be about Splinterlands). Hive-Engine shows SPT current total supply as 85,355,736 and with each SPT being currently worth $0.00719 that puts the SPT current total Market Cap at $614,130.


Alpha Booster Packs

The orginal cards in the Splinterlands game are called Alpha cards. The boosters they were found in can no longer be purchased in game but there's still a supply of them circulating the secondary markets such as Hive-Engine. The stats on Hive-Engine show that an Alpha Booster pack now cost $163.88 and with just 6,566 in supply left that puts the remaining Alpha Packs Market Cap at $1,076,068 USD.


Beta Booster Packs

After Alpha sold out Beta Boosters were introduced. BETA contained reprints of the original ALPHA set plus many new awesome must have cards. Currently Hive-Engine shows a current supply of 35,372 Beta Boosters that are currrently being sold for $79.94 each. That puts the Beta Booster Total Market Supply at $2,827,772 USD.


Untamed Booster Packs

Once BETA was sold out next up was the UNTAMED edition. The UNTAMED set had no reprints and introduced some amazing cards. The only place UNTAMED can now be purchased is on secondary markets or from players who aleady own them. Hive-Engine is showing a current supply of 116,294 UNTAMED boosters that are currently being sold for $12.39 each. This brings the UNTAMED USD MarketCap to $1,441,033 USD.


ORB Booster Packs

ORB boosters were the first booster edition introduced that could be bought with DEC and DEC only. Of course they could be resold by those who purchased them with DEC for any currency accepted by the resellers. ORBS can no longer be purchased in game but like all other Splinterlands assets currently in existance they can be purchased on secondary markets like Hive-Engine. Currently Hive-Engine shows a supply of 10,905 ORBS that are currently being sold for $46.37 USD each. This brings the current ORB Market Cap to $505,637 USD.


DICE Booster Packs

Once ORB boosters were no longer available on the Splinterlands official site DICE was introduced as their replacement. DICE is still available for sale within the Splinterlands Market Place. They cost 3,000 DEC each or you can head on over to Hive-Engine and purchase with other currencies. Currently theres a supply of 60,179 DICE remaining for sale on the Splinterland site. Those remaining DICE boosters will cost a total of $805,195 USD. The supply on Hive-Engine is 72,224 and at the price of $10.80 USD each that is a total cost of $779,760 USD. This brings the grand total marketcap for DICE Boosters to $1,584,955.


Splinterlands Market Cap Grand Total

$171,694,426 USD

But Wait There's More Assets



We didn't include LAND value in our Grand Total Market Cap because it hasn't been implemented in the Splinterlands game yet. Land sold out rather quickly and its lowest presale price was $10 USD per plot. Currently these same plots have sold for upwards of $250 USD.

Disclaimer: This is not finacial advice. All information displayed in this article was taken from the official in game website Splinterlands and the secondary market Hive-Engine. Never invest what you can't afford to lose. I used the last sold for price for each asset to determine their marketcap value.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Game Play is ongoing with prizes being offered which have real monetary value. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here. Read all about the airdrop announcement via clicking HERE


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