Free Delegation For New Splinterlands Sign Ups

Some days ago I started a new initiative to help bring new players to Splinterlands and hopefully some new faces to the HIVE Network. This initiative is utilizing the ever growing blockchain game Splinterlands. If you haven't yet joined then there's no better time then right now to do so. The game is free to play but if you want to earn while playing you first need to purchase the Spellbook which cost just $10 USD. The $10 USD is earned back realitively quickly. Using the Spellbook alone can be allot of fun but as you progress up leagues you will face stronger competition. This is where signing up through my affiliate link will benefit you.

If you are new to Splinterlands and have not yet made an account you can use my affiliate link ( to sign up. Doing so will qualify you for free Splinterland Card Rentals from my personal collection which contians 20,000+ Splinterland cards. You get to pick any five cards to play with for one full Splinterlands season. Summoners are excluded, limited to one Legendary. My collection mainly contains out of print ALPHA/BETA cards and Rewards cards. Too many choices to pick from? No problem just say so in the comment section and I'll choose five for you. This offer is for new Splinterland account creations that appear in my affiliate sign up list and have purchased the Spellbook.

10 FREE Leo Worth Of Prizes Inside

The founder of No Loss Lottery (@shortsegments) has donated 10 LEO worth of tickets to the linked giveaway above. On top of that I will be giving two entries to this contest a Splinterlands card each. There has been plenty of interest in the No Loss Lottery giveaway but so far there's only two official entries. Top three entries will earn FREE lotto tickets that will give them a chance to win a nice sum of LEO tokens. All one needs to do to enter this giveaway is create a post about the No Loss Lottery and leave a link to that post in the official giveaway post (No purchases nedded).

What is No Loss Lottery: The No Loss Lottery is a Prize Linked Savings Account. It has the thrill of a lottery and the financial smarts of a Savings Account. Your Leo deposit earns you a chance at winning Free Leo! You can always get your Leo deposit back by requesting it. This is what makes the No Loss Lottery both a fun min risk lottery and a savings account all rolled up in one.

There's A $PIZZA Party Going OnπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

In the comment section of the above post we party but time is running out. Soon we will be full of !PIZZA and nursing a hangover from all the !BEER we have been drinking. Come stop by the post and request some !PIZZA and !BEER and I will call on the bots to send you some (While Supply Last/ Party is over at Post Payout).

FREE HBD: Yes Please!

Our *weekly HBD giveaway post is up and running. This week the prize given has been altered to an undetermined amount of HBD. To join this giveaway simply head on over to the giveaway post and leave any comment you want and you are in. Winning FREE HBD has never been so easy.


To veiw more information about each mentioned post simply click the highlighted links above each description. Doing so will take you to the original posts in which announced each contest/giveaway. Not financial advice. Always do your own reasearch before investing any of your hard earned currencies.

Watch A Splinterlands Battle Below

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