Splinterlands, #Playtoearn (SPS, SPT, DEC)

It is no wonder how much things have changed and people who have stick with their passion got rewarded according to their efforts. Splinterlands just changed the way how many people used to view the gaming world. #Playtoearn topic has been the talk of the town lately in crypto based games. So here we are talking about Splinterlands, one of the most exciting games on the blockchain and possibly the best project on HIVE blockchain which is evolving everyday and making a better eco-system for us all.

On a recent event Splinterlands introduced a new tokenomics based on the game itself. Where for your gaming action you will be rewarded with an ingame token which is currently being traded on different exchanges. SPS, an official governance token for Splinterlands. It took a real hype and the asset value of the games cards rose to 2x or even more than that. Congrats to everyone who are holding the cards and playing everyday. Due to the nature of the airdrop of the new token SPS, other things which are related to the game also saw a significant amount of rise, thus a smile on my face as well.


Since it is being airdropped, I can precisely call it free money. Which is why, I am planning to hold it for as long as I can. Which is why I have staked the little amount that I am getting. Currently, I have as you may see, 251 SPS and I have staked it for around 850% APY. Which is pretty good IMO. The Current price of 1 SPS is 0.78031012 SWAP.HIVE ($0.317760). It got down a lot from it's ATH. But it was meant to be that way. Since the supply of this token is limited, we might see sth big in the coming days. So, lets see what really awaits us.

Screenshot (82).png


Current price of 356859 SPT is 7137.18 SWAP.HIVE ($2903.576116). This is my holding atm for the SPT token. Which if I convert for airdrop points it stands out for around 89k points. Not a bad deal compared to the amount that I have spent for the SPT tokens. I delegated all my SPT to a curation service and I am getting an ROI everyday in terms of SPT. Which also helped me a lot over the time.

As you may see, the current market of SPT is looking little decent but still we need more volume in order to see something positive for SPT. But still it is a good move compared to few weeks earlier. One of the easiest way to increase airdrop points is by accumulating DEC or get your hands on SPT, which is why there are some buy orders of SPT as we speak!

Screenshot (83).png


Well, well! I do not have much DEC in my possession and that is because I panicked too much and sold them as I saw a spike in the price. Although, I did make some profits but they would have been 3x or even more if I would have hold onto them. Nevertheless, it is what it is! I will probably not make this sort of mistake a second time lol. But if you are holding DEC than it is also a plus point for you and from what I saw players are getting huge amount of DEC by just playing their battles. So better grab those opportunities as you can and collect some DEC's to increase your airdrop points.

SO far it is going smooth for me. I honestly made some peculiar mistakes and hope I will not regret them in the coming days but till then I am hoping to go as planned and see the end of the road. Splinterlands is becoming a pricy game for many of us but still it is fund to be here and play your part!

Images used from : Splinterlands & Leodex

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