Tesla Inc (TSLA) Is Trading On Binance Now - Check The Insights!

Is Elon Musk still thinking on going deep and investing substantially in BTC...or?


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Yesterday, April 12, Binance announced the launch of stock trading, and the first name listed was Tesla Inc., (TSLA).

Specifically, Binance's stock symbol has a great start here by enabling trading with zero commissions. This is a product that Binance co-developed with the German company CM-Equity AG and Digital Assets AG from Switzerland.
The first capital token to be traded will be Tesla Inc (TSLA). Tesla shares will be represented by stock tokens.

Investors can buy at least 1% of Tesla shares (equivalent to 1% of share tokens). The share price will be set in Binance USD (BUSD).


Are you an investor in crypto?
Then there are a few things you should notice:

  • Stock tokens cannot be exchanged for shares.
  • Tesla tokens are traded only when the Nasdaq is open.
  • Holders of Tesla share tokens will not be given the same rights as shareholders (eg voting rights ...)
  • If you are an investor from China, the US, or Turkey, you will not be able to participate in the trading of stock tokens.

Here are a few benefits when buying Tesla stock tokens:

  • Better price
  • They make stock profits easier
  • There is no need to go through the same formalities as traditional traders
    receive dividends per share


I hope this article helps you look into TSLA and make the perfect decision for your portfolio!

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