3 Hive Rewards in A Day! - 50 HBD, 2 Hive and A 50 LEO Delegation


I am preparing to go to sleep and before I do this I want to make a short social proof to maybe motivate newbies around Hive.
I am here for about 60 days I think and during this period I have spent about 4-5 hours actively in Hive each day, posting, reading, commenting, engaging as I felt right. I had no previous knowledge of Hive before coming here, so I had to learn a lot, which I still do.


πŸ†• Coming in Leofinance and in other communities, tribes, it can be overwhelming for someone new. And so it has been for me too, even if I had been a Bank unit manager, I hold an MBA, coach people into Entrepreneurship, etc.
But Hive proved to be 99,9% friendly for me and this motivated me to write and form meaningful relationships around here.

Now...since I was delivering courses on Udemy, I hated the fact that we had a Studio for instructors where people liked to make their monthly social proofs...I dislike to brag and to talk about private things, such as money.
BUT I want to do this now and understand why others are showing their "Hive happiness" around and I have come to respect these achievements very fast since I first came here.
It's good to see that our effort is tokenized and rewarded.
So let me tell you this ----> I am sometimes doing things in the middle of this engagement in Hive, or shilling about Hive on Twitter, or help new Hive users and this got me 3 rewards today.

The first one I saw this morning was from @donald.porter

The second one came just after that and it was from @nathanmars

And the 3rd one was from @rob23
I haven't checked yet but I think the Leo delegation for one month is in already.

I am thanking all 3 of you for the opportunity you create for newbies like me and for what you're doing and contributing to HIVE growth!

These are not the only rewards I have received this week or during these 60 days from Hive activities, besides posting, curation, staking, and so on.
What I want to say is that there are daily possibilities for anyone to engage and make some extra tokens or a nice delegation.

I use to make a Hive list with daily activities I want to do in Hive and who to visit and read their articles and what to post about ...etc. You can make a planner like this also. In time, I have become more flexible and followed different approaches. It's all in the energy and passion that you have. I am a lioness, so if I don't like what I am doing nothing can make force me to do it.
I am sure Hive has a lot to offer for each one of us as long as we ENGAGE!

Thank you so much for reading! And, believe me, if you engage more than I did this last week, you will make 90x more than me. I rarely participate in any challenge and, when I am doing it, I do it out of curiosity but with good intentions. So I look forward to using these 3 rewards and vote, post, comment, and make others happy about the quality of their work and their engagement.

Thank you, Hive, for giving me the possibility to do this for myself and to uplift others!

With appreciation and respect,

PS There is a new frontend you would like = lernblogs.com Enjoy it!