Guilds are getting more interesting in the Game

Gaming with splinterlands is not limited to battle instead there is a lot of gamification which is good. Guild is one of the segments in the game that is not mandatory to be part of but if we can join it then it can make our experience more fun and rewarding. I have been part of one of the guilds called the power for quite some time and to be honest that I do not remember exactly when did I join. I am also not sure if I can check the date of my joining this guild however I am sure this is begin more than one year.

There are certain benefits of joining any guild in-game and we can even get certain discounts and even increase rewards in the game depending upon the ranking of the guild. We need the invite from the owner or any senior team member can add the person to the guild. I remember that when I join that time there was some additional reward with each winning battle provided but as of now I cannot say since I have not been playing for the last few months. I will check about it once I start playing again in the game but as of now, my account is on rental. All my cards are rented out and this is why I am not playing any battles and even I am not playing brawls on the guild.


Recently there has been a change where SPS is now rewarded to the people who win. This reward is distributed as per the ranking of winning guilds and 2 things are rewarded. First is married which we can use to buy gladius packs and second is SPS which is anyways governance coin and is rewarded in form of a stake. I believe it does not matter how we are getting SPS but as long as we are getting is great.


I am planning to explore more about the guild after the recent changes in the overall gamification and rewards. Gladius packs are soul bound which means we cannot trade the cards but we can play in the game and even these cards are contributing to the increased collection power. It seems I cannot take any benefit unless I play the game because this is needed. I will be trying this weekend to explore more about it and whenever I'll start playing again in the game then will try it for sure. Even though I will not be playing for the next couple of weeks or maybe months but still it's good to know about it so that whenever I am thinking to start it then will follow the same.

I believe that a rewarding experience is one of the best things and because of this lot of people have started playing through guilds. We all want to accumulate SPS tokens as much as possible and because of this reason, I am sure many people do not want to miss this opportunity to get the SPS as a reward for free. Even I would not try to miss you but because my cards are on rent so this option is not for me as of now but will be trying for this very soon.


There are multiple things that we need to learn and understand because through these we can surely make our overall experience better and this can also help us to get better rewards. Every time rewards cannot be in form of money but sometimes this can also contribute to making the collection pound better and even an opportunity to learn different strategies within the gaming ecosystem. All I can say is that with splinterlands there is a lot to learn and I don't think it is going to end because the more we explore will make us learn even more

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