First Ever Hive Coin Purchase through Wazirx Indian Exchange

Hello and Namaste Everyone

I had started my crypto journey since the time I joined steem in March 2019 and until now I have been working here with Hive family to learn and even share my content. Working with Hive is not just rewarding but also an opportunity to learn about various things.

These days market is going up and most of coins have moved up and showing in green color in the market. I did not have account in any exchange but this month I have done this too. I have created account in Indian exchange WazirX and submitted my KYC. I did this during the time of diwali since I was on a small break and I utlised this opportunity to do this work.

My account was approved in a day time and then I added bank INR bank account. I never used any exchange to buy or sell tokens so it was a complete new experience for me and I had gone through video tutorials to learn about it. I was able to add INR fiat easily and then I placed the bid to buy some Hive tokens.


WazirX has only one pair to buy HIVE and that is HIVE/USDT so I had to buy USDT first and then I did buy some hive as per the market rate and order was filled immediately.

I placed multiple orders and below snapshot shows it all.


I had the target to buy 10k HIVE tokens and finally I purchased 961 tokens in total. Hive token price is still almost same after my buy but I think that I have purchased these tokens at the lowest price as few months back it was at 0.28 cents approx.


I wanted to withdraw these tokens to my Hive wallet but exchange had not enabled the option to withdraw tokens.

I was not aware of this before buying so I will wait for sometime if they enable the withdrawal else I will try another way to get these tokens transferred to my hive wallet.

Being a new user, I did not face any issue to execute the transaction and it was smooth. I am very happy with my decision that I bought almost 1k tokens and once these are powered up then I will have more HP.

I am trying to see if I can arrange some more funds so that I can buy more tokens as I don't think that this time will come again because crypto rally is already going on and you never know when hiev starts moving up.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.