What Do You Think Of Donald Trump’s Social Media : Building Web 2.0 To Fight Against Web 2.0

Web 2.0 social media is a platform that is known for its unlimited limitations and censorship. Donald Trump is one person and president who we all know was very active on social media. His Twitter account was extremely wild and had the highest influence in America. Before being the president he was famous, now add that fame with power plus Twitter.


Twitter and Facebook have censored his post countless of times which is one of the features of centralized Web 2.0. He was banned from Twitter and Facebook in January after the capitol riot. Well Donald Trump is someone that does not hesitate to say what he feels no matter how that may sound to the next person. He has not been a person that most people of the world would agree with but there is one thing we can agree with him with. That is the fact that centralized social media can also be referred as the tyranny of big tech. Because this social media platforms are centralized your account can be censored and if your figure of speech is agonist their rule it can be banned and censored.


Rumor has it that Donald Trump is about to launch his own social media. In my opinion it’s just Donald Trump’s way of taking back his social megaphone. It’s obviously a centralized social media which is no different from other Web 2.0 centralized social media. The name of this social media will be called “Truth”. This social media is supposed to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money. So in a way it’s a revenge social media to fight Twitter and Facebook for banning and censoring his account.


This is a complete backwards movement , we are moving and trying to migrate to a Web 3.0 decentralized social media platform where everyone owns and control their content, but Mr Trump wants to create his own to antagonize Facebook and Twitter. He is trying to stand up against big tech companies who are centralized, that’s what we are all doing , I mean look at Hive, but Mr Trump definitely has a different agenda.

You can’t try to fight oppression by coming up with oppressive ideas. Yes centralized social media censors and silence free speech and conservative voices, but where is the proof that his own social media won’t do the same to other people who don’t agree with his own opinions. Rumor has it that this platform might be politicized, isn’t that a sign of a rebranded oppressive Web 2.0 social media. This platform might not welcome discussions or ideas that are related to Twitter or inculcate some Facebook features.

That’s not the way it’s done, there is no freedom of speech and ideas like that of Hive. The only way he could have tried to prove them who the bigger man was, was by creating a fully decentralized social media, to prove to the big tech tyrants how freedom of speech and ideas are welcomed and exercised. source

These are just my thoughts though, you can tell me what and how you feel about it

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